Knoxville, TN- An 18-year-old Knoxville man was charged with his second DUI just hours after he accepted a plea bargain for his first DUI charge. As an underage driver, this young man is facing some troubling consequences, so our team of DUI lawyers in Knoxville, Tennessee wanted to discuss the various penalties associated with an underage DUI.

The Register-Mail reports police stopped the young man on July 15th around 2:30 a.m. after he was seen throwing beer cans out of his truck. Police located the truck and attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but the driver took off and ran a red light. They later located it again and arrested the driver.

During their investigation, police learned that the driver had been court to court earlier that day where he managed to secure a plea bargain of wet reckless for his DUI charge, the newspaper reports.

For his second arrest, police charged the man with DUI, felony invading and alluding along with unlawful possession of alcohol and possession of drug paraphernalia, the Register-Mail reports.

Considering this young man’s charges and the plea bargain he secured earlier on the day, he will have a difficult time securing a second plea bargain. He also faces some serious consequences.

In Tennessee, if you are convicted of an underage DUI, you face a fine of $250 and will have your driver’s license suspended. What’s more, you face a 48-hour jail sentence.  Depending on your blood alcohol concentration you could be sentenced to up to 11 months in jail and fines ranging from $350 to $1,000.

A second conviction for an underage DUI in Tennessee carries a jail sentence of 45 days and up to one year in jail. Fines range between $600 and $3,500, and you could have your license suspended for up to two years.

What’s more, a DUI conviction will stay on your record for at least ten years, and that is just the beginning of the consequences. Teens who are charged with an underage DUI face additional charges like possession of alcohol by a minor, distributing alcohol to a minor or child endangerment. Additionally, an underage DUI in Knoxville will lead to a steep increase in a teen’s car insurance premiums and negatively impacting their educational opportunities and job prospects.

If you are facing an underage DUI, let USAttorneys help you find a local defense lawyer to help minimize your charges. We have an experienced team of DUI lawyers in Knoxville who will help you launch a hard to beat DUI defense. Call one of our accomplished lawyers to work on your case.