As per state law in Michigan, a third offense DUI is classified as a felony DUI where felony crimes have much more severe repercussions than misdemeanor crimes. Therefore, if you or anyone you know have been arrested for DUI and have had two or more prior DUI convictions then you are likely to face a felony charge and need to act quickly and efficiently to defend yourself in this coming case.

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The most serious DUI charges are when a critical, life threatening injury or death occurs as a result of a DUI accident. Moreover, a felony DUI is second in the list when it comes to serious DUI charges. This is why it is important to understand that you will require a marvelous and golden Detroit, Michigan DUI defense lawyer to help defend yourself and handle the case in a manner that could minimize the consequences or remove them entirely.

Heidi’s Law was enforced in 2007

Before 2007, it was only considered a felony DUI if you were convicted of three DUI’s within ten years. However, Michigan DUI attorneys confirm that in January 2007 this law was introduced which essentially removes the ten year period. Therefore, three DUI’s within a person’s lifetime (no matter how many years apart the convictions are) will result in a felony DUI.

Experienced DUI lawyers also say that one of the biggest factors involved in how a third offense DUI case will turn out also depends on the location of the litigation. Some counties are extremely strict and punish third time offenders severely while some are not that stringent about it.

In Michigan, Oakland County is unanimously considered as the toughest county to face a DUI charge in. The result of the case or the magnitude of the sentencing will depend on the judge assigned to the case. Of course the location of the case and the judge in charge are factors out of your control, but there are a few things that Detroit, MI DUI defense lawyers are of the opinion that are within your control.


Felony DUI translates to a minimum five year prison sentence

It is possible to get a felony DUI reduced to a misdemeanor DUI with the right information and defense. Such a reduction in the conviction will mean that you may not even be handed any jail time.

To achieve this though is kind of tricky and requires a marvelous Michigan DUI defense lawyer and a fool proof defense strategy. Remember, that a felony DUI comes with a minimum prison sentence of five years.

Possible aspects to consider

It is important for defendants to confess that they have a problem with alcohol and that they have sought help to deal with it. When a person does not even admit this much which is plainly clear to everyone else, the judge and the prosecution will show no mercy and will prosecute the suspect to the full extent of the long arm of the law. If your legal representative has a profound and strong working relationship with the prosecutors, you may be able to strike an appealing deal.

You cannot correct a wrong if you cannot recognize it. This is just like when dealing with ISIS and radical Islam. Certain Americans want to act like they are not a major threat when they clearly are. If you have a drinking problem, one of the golden rules of AA is still admit that that problem exists and persists. Your outstanding and focused lawyer will work with you on this as well. They can be found right here: