32-year-old Jessica Marie Gonzalez of Utah was been charged with driving under the influence after she crashed into a park vehicle and then passed out. Police found her vehicle near West Jefferson and North 23rd in Boise. Gonzalez was unconscious behind the wheel. It took police officers several attempts to bring her around following which they noticed her speech was slurred and eyes red. The woman even tried to provide a false name, as reported by Ktvb.com.

Investigations revealed that Gonzalez was in possession of heroin, meth, and drug paraphernalia. Police say she also has a felony warrant against her in Utah. Gonzalez was taken to Ada County Jail in Boise and now faces both felony and misdemeanor charges that include drug possession, DUI, and false personation.

Garden Valley man charged with felony DUI and misdemeanor for marijuana possession following the crash

21 year old Wesley Alan Watts of Garden Valley has been arrested and charged with felony DUI after being involved in a head-on crash on Idaho 16 just south of N. Pollard Lane. According to Ada County Sheriff’s Office, Watts collided with a minivan driven by a woman who was badly injured in the accident. Fire crews had to cut through the wreckage to rescue her from the wreckage, according to Ktvb.com.

Following his arrest, Watts admitted he was intoxicated and was the cause of the accident. Although he was instructed to stand by Watts attempted to walk away, following which he was handcuffed. An officer also found marijuana in his shirt pocket and was subsequently also charged with misdemeanor counts of marijuana possession in addition to felony DUI and resisting arrest. According to Boise ID DUI attorneys, he can face up to 15 years in prison for felony aggravated DUI.


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Pocatello woman convicted for aggravated DUI sentenced to three years in prison

32 year old Emily Thomas of Pocatello has been sentenced by Sixth District Judge David C. Nye to a fixed three year prison term and three years undetermined for aggravated DUI, as reported by Idaho State Journal. However, the judge retained jurisdiction for one year, which could potentially allow Thomas to be set free in three months depending on how well her rehabilitation program progresses.

The sentence stems from a two-vehicle crash on Interstate 15 near the I-15/I-86 interchange in September 2014. According to Idaho State Police, Thomas struck a trailer driven by 43 year old Daniel Leavitt, following which both vehicles hit the median. Levavitt and one of his two sons who were in the trailer sustained injuries while Thomas, who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, was ejected after the vehicle rolled over.

Sorry Emily, society owes you nothing

Leavitt suffered broken bones and a concussion while his 12 year old son who was injured in the crash told the court the seatbelt crushed his chest while he also lost a portion of his finger. Boise ID DUI lawyers are not too impressed with this type of behavior.

The prosecution alleges that Thomas did not stop drinking despite being in a substance abuse program. Thomas’ DUI attorney said his client understood the seriousness of the crime. She personally claims to be on the road to recovery and feels guilty for the crime. But what does her word mean?