Montpelier, VT- Police officers are supposed to protect citizens from drunken drivers, but like anyone, an officer can make a serious error in judgment and get caught driving under the influence. Such is the case of a Vermont State Police Officer who is now under investigation after he was arrested for DUI.

The Vermont State Police confirmed in March 5th that Trooper Eric Rademacher is under investigation for driving under the influence and has been suspended until the investigation is complete, according to WPTZ.  

There are no details about his arrest at this time, since he is only under investigation. WPTZ reports that if Rademacher, who works at the Rutland barracks, is formally charged the details of his arrest will become public.

In a statement to the press, Vermont State Police Director Colonel Tom L’Esperance said, “All Vermont State Troopers are expected to abide by the laws of this state and are held to a higher standard than the public in the way that they conduct themselves,”

Just a few days after the announcement of Rademacher’s DUI investigation and suspension, an officer for the Rutland Police Department was arrested for DUI.

According to the Brattleboro Reformer, 25-year-old Justin Barrell was pulled over after 1:00 a.m. Saturday, March 8th for crossing into another lane.

Rutland police say 25-year-old Justin Barrell was pulled over at 1:25 a.m. Saturday after a fellow officer saw his SUV travel into the oncoming line while navigating a turn on West Street. Barrell who was off-duty, registered a blood alcohol content twice Vermont’s legal limit of .08 percent, the Reformer reported.

After being released, Barrell was placed on administrative leave pending the results of his case.

Both of these men learned one of the consequence of driving under the influence. When people have been drinking and they decide to get behind the wheel, they don’t think that their actions could affect their job. They don’t realize how far reaching the consequences of drunken driving are and how long a conviction will haunt their lives.

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Those convicted of a DUI in Vermont face up to a year in jail, suspension of their driver’s license for at least 90 day and thousands in fees and fines. DUI convictions stay on a person’s record for life so you need to fight your charges and do whatever you can to keep your record clean.

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