Orange County, CA- Shortly, after she was caught on tape trying to run over her husband, an Orange County woman was charged with a handful of misdemeanors including driving under the influence of drugs.

The video, posted to You Tube by a Sarah Oliver, dubbed it “Neighbors from Hell” went viral on Sunday, racking up over 1.7 million views.

In the video, an irate and seemingly crazed woman can be seen screaming at her electric scooter-bound boyfriend, and beating on the tailgate of her truck. The woman, later identified as Laura Cox, suddenly jumps in the driver’s seat, and forcefully backs the truck up, slamming into the scooter and knocking the shirtless man onto the pavement. She narrowly misses striking him with her vehicle, but appears to damage to his scooter as she peels out of the alley where the confrontation took place.

He was fortunate not to be injured and made sure someone tried to stop her, and good things since she appears to be an out of control methamphetamine addict. The man known only as “John Doe,” threatened to call police after the altercation in the alleyway. He apparently lived up to that promise. KTLA reported that Cox was stopped by police not too long after the video was filmed.

By Tuesday, Cox was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs with a prior conviction, drug use and driving under the influence of a controlled substance and domestic violence, according to KTLA. If she is convicted of all of those charges, Cox faces up to four years in jail, that’s due in part because her prior 2013 DUI carries a penalty enhancement.

In her Tuesday court appearance, Cox pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Outside the courtroom, Cox’s boyfriend defended her behavior, saying she didn’t hurt him and said the media was making a big deal out of nothing. He told NBC falling off the scooter had nothing to do with Cox, insisting she didn’t intend to hurt him and saying his scooter was not damaged.

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