Following the resignation of Officer Christopher Skinner as many as 60 DUI cases from Virginia Beach could possibly be dropped. As reported by, charges were dropped against 10 DUI offenders in August on the day that Skinner resigned while another 10 cases were dropped later.

According to a spokeswoman for the commonwealth’s attorney, Macie Pidgen, prosecutors are reviewing 40 more cases. However, the spokeswoman reiterated that the charges could be brought back any time. This is something some Virginia Beach, Virginia DUI lawyers are leery of.

Officer made some unknown mistakes

Officer Skinner has cases pending in all three courts while police confirmed that he was the focus of administrative investigation before his resignation. Reasons for the investigation or his resignation have not been revealed in accordance with the State of Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act. Pidgen also said that the commonwealth’s attorney has not been requested to investigate any criminal charges against Skinner.

The spokeswoman also said it was rare that cases were dropped following the resignation of an arresting officer with the police department. If you have a case that is pending or have a DUI charge that has recently been filed, there is a bright spot in this scenario. It is since some of the most prolific DUI defense attorneys in the area are on this site.


Prosecutors make every effort to ensure that any officers who resign or retire but still reside in the area are made to testify in cases they may be involved in as an arresting officer. Skinner reportedly joined the police department in August 2011. If they happen to move away from the area, arrangements are made by the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office to pay for their travel and to schedule cases on the same day so that they can testify and allow prosecutors to move on with the case.

DUI deaths on the decline in Virginia

According to the DMV, there has been an increase in traffic deaths in Virginia with as many as 438 fatal accidents reported in the state between January and July 2015. Out of these as many as sixty fatalities were recorded in Hampton Roads. As reported by, Virginia Beach accounted for 15 fatalities during the period and this has made the Virginia Beach, Virginia DUI attorneys irate.

However, the fantastic news is that deaths from DUI cases and teen deaths were on the decline. Incidentally, most of the fatal traffic deaths involved drivers in the age group of 36 to 50, which is unusual according to experts since this group is considered to be a lower risk since drivers are more experienced and cautious.

Virginia DUI laws

According to Virginia Beach DUI lawyers, any motorist can be charged with a DUI if they register a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher. The limit for under 21s is .02. As per the state’s law, even if a driver does not appear impaired, he or she may be charged based on their BAC.

In addition to alcohol, state DUI laws prohibit driving under the influence of drugs including prescription drugs. The first two DUI offenses are considered as misdemeanors while a third and additional charges within a 10 year period will be felony DUI charges. If you or your loved ones are involved in any DUI incident it is always prudent to seek immediate legal counsel from an experienced Virginia DUI lawyer.