Newport News, VA- When a person decides to drive drunk, they rarely consider that their actions are dangerous. They don’t think they could cause and accident or kill someone. Peter Teneyck, a sailor, probably never thought he was putting anyone in danger last May when he went on a beer run, but he ended up killing a 50-year-old man.

This week, a court sentenced Teneyck to two years and nine months in jail for causing the fatal crash.

Pilot Online reports that Teneyck was three times Virginia’s legal limit last May when he struck Jim Miller who was walking along Pacific Ave. At the time of the accident, Teneyck’s blood alcohol concentration was three times Virginia’s legal driving limit.

News Channel 3 reports that Teneyck was convicted of DUI two times before the fatal crash, but did not provide any other specifics.

Driving while drunk or high is wrong, however it is an error in judgment that many people make. It’s a decision that you may have made casually but if you get into trouble with the law, don’t treat your legal charges casually. You must have legal representation.

A lot is on the line when a person is charged with driving under the influence. That is especially true if the alleged DUI offenders caused a fatal or injurious accident. Prosecutors are very tough on intoxicated drivers, so any individual facing such a charge, regardless of whether it seems serious or not, must have expert legal counsel working on their defense.

Aspects of a your arrest, such as your blood alcohol concentration or whether you caused an accident, will have a big influence on the outcome of your  case and the penalties you face. Those pieces of information can sink you and compel the court to give you a harsh sentence. You need an attorney on your side to counter the evidence presented against you and to build an unbeatable defense.

A person convicted of their first DUI in Virginia faces jail time, fines and suspension of their driver’s license. You will also be required to install an ignition interlock device in your car. For each subsequent offense, the stakes just get higher with more jail time and higher costs. Beyond the legal consequences, a DUI conviction can affect a person’s job or educational and career opportunities.

When you have a Virginia DUI attorney working on your defense, you increase your chances of avoiding exponentially. The goal of your attorney is to give you the best defense possible, and try to mitigate some of the stiffer penalties associated with a DUI charge.

At USAttorneys we can connect you with a talented DUI attorney in Newport News so they can get started on your defense right away. When you consider DUI conviction will have on all aspects of your life, you’ll realize that you can’t handle your case without legal help. Take your DUI charge as seriously as it is and get the advice and legal assistance you need.