St. Patrick’s Day falls on March 17th and happens to land on a Saturday this year. With the holiday being right around the corner and one that is considered to be a heavy drinking holiday, you can expect that police will be out in full force attempting to pull over any drunk drivers and arrest them for DUI. Because we understand how important it is for you to maintain your reputation, job, and lifestyle, we don’t want you to get caught up in that sweep of people who choose to drive drunk or even tipsy and risk their life and livelihood because they didn’t take into account the following tips we have provided below for you.

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How to stay safe and avoid a DUI this St. Patrick’s Day

Whether you decide to go out to a local bar or a place that will be serving alcohol, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Pace yourself and monitor your drinking. Know your limits and listen to your body. If you know you have to drive, don’t drink more than you can handle or enough to where you won’t have time to sober up and drive home.
  • If, by chance, you accidentally drink too much and have no way home, call a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft or a cab so that you don’t put your life on the line just to drive yourself home.
  • Choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at a place that doesn’t require you to travel after drinking. This could be a friend or relative’s home that will allow you to stay over so that you don’t have to drive after drinking.

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    Download ridesharing apps ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about doing it while you’re out enjoying your time with friends.

  • Don’t put yourself in a comprising situation. If you decide to go out with some friends and you soon realize that you and your friend who drove consumed way too much to drink, don’t agree to get into the vehicle with them no matter how persistent they are in persuading you to believe they are able to drive. And don’t be afraid to take their keys away as you don’t want anything to happen to them either.

[Source: U.S. Department of Transportation].

Because St. Patrick’s Day falls on a weekend day, that means more individuals will be more inclined to go out and let loose. And that also means more people might take the risk and get behind the wheel drunk. With an increased level of risk on the roadway, you might want to reconsider going out as you don’t want to be the victim of a DUI accident and you also don’t want to be the cause of one.

If you do decide to take your plans outside of your home, be sure you are cautious, careful, and remember the tips we have provided above for you.

What happens if I am stopped for DUI and arrested? 

Unfortunately, some individuals fail to follow the tips mentioned above and are arrested for DUI.

Whether you submit to a breathalyzer test or refuse one, you are likely going have a hard time getting out of a DUI charge unless you are being represented by one of the best DUI attorneys in Franklin, PA.  In the event this happens or you have already been charged with the crime, be sure to contact John C. Lackatos, P.C. by calling 814-346-7286 immediately. When represented by the right type of lawyer, you increase your chances of having your charges reduced or even dismissed.