Woodbury Police Department have confirmed that illegal marijuana in the form of wax THC (the chemically active psychoactive compound in marijuana) has made an appearance in the city and its use and distribution has been increasing steadily, as reported by Woodbury Bulletin.

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Sloppy driving

According to the Woodbury Police, another DWI charge has been filed due to the presence of wax THC in a person’s car. They report that a man from St. Paul has been taken into custody for suspected DWI after they found a tiny container containing illegal waxed THC in it. According to the arrest report, the man was initially stopped for changing lanes without signalling and also for speeding.

The suspect has been identified as 45-year old KouaVang who now faces a felony possession of THC charge and three other misdemeanors – driving on a revoked license, two counts of DWI. Later on, his DWI was upgraded to a second-degree charge as he refused to submit to a chemical test.

Apart from the suspected marijuana use, Vang was also clearly inebriated by the consumption of excessive alcohol according to arresting officers. They said that his breath smelt of alcohol and that his eyes were out of focus and glassy, a tell-tale sign of drunken driving.

Vang was then subjected to field sobriety tests, which he failed. A preliminary breath test indicated a BAC of .137 while a breathalyzer test taken one and a half hours later established that his blood alcohol content was 0.14%, which was almost twice the legal limit according to Minnesota DUI attorneys.

Lottery manager charged with 2nd DUI in Minnesota

The head of Minnesota Lottery, Ed Van Petten, has announced in a statement to media that a drunken driving charge against one of the state’s lottery manager’s is currently under investigation and they will take further action depending on the outcome of the probe.

According to Twincities.com, the suspected drunken driver has been identified as assistant director Johnene Canfield who reports to Petten and is currently still an employee of the State Lottery Department. Petten also announced that this arrest will not impact the operations of the lottery in any manner or form. Canfield was apprehended for drunken driving in December 2014 after she lost control of her vehicle and crossed lanes and struck an oncoming car head on, seriously injuring an older man.

Law enforcement task force urges prosecutors to get tough with DWI suspects           

State DWI attorneys and legislators have been asked to step up the heat and charge suspects with stricter penalties so as to curb the crime of DWI.

Lawmakers are expected to review some proposals made by a state DWI task force team, essentially, if the legislators are to give these proposals the nod, first time perpetrators, and repeat offenders will both be subjected to even heavier fines and longer prison sentences. Some of them may deserve these tougher penalties but some of them are given these tickets because the bureaucrats cannot control their spending and it is up to the police to issue tickets to some people that are really not guilty. If you fall under this category, USAttorneys.com is a site that you should scrutinize. You can find a DUI attorney on this site that is willing to make a strong case on your behalf.

The task force claims that these measures will encourage more people (previous offenders) to voluntarily install ignition interlock devices on all of their vehicles and that that may save many lives.

The task force has presented studies which statistically prove that offenders that have ignition interlock devices installed on their cars are far less likely to relapse than those that don’t.