Wes Scantlin has been found on the wrong side of the law yet again. His most recent DUI arrest is his second one in a period of only a month. According to court documents, the rocker was arrested in Minnesota only last month. Shockingly, when tested for his blood alcohol content, he blew four times over the maximum permissible legal limit of 0.08% BAC in the state.

Scantlin must only be trying to impress 14 year olds

According to loudwire.com, this time around, Scantlin has been apprehended for DUI in the state of South Dakota. Adding to his bad boy image, he was also cited for possession of marijuana according to arrest reports. It has been revealed that Scantlin posted a bail amount of $500 and performed later that same day in a concert in South Dakota. He is going to need a full time South Dakota DUI lawyer if he keeps this up.

These two instances are not the only time Scantlin has gotten in trouble with the law. Earlier this year, Puddle of Mud had to postpone a show because Scantlin was arrested for taking a joy ride in the baggage carousel at the airport. He was cited for vandalism in that incident.

If that isn’t enough, Scantlin has been arrested and charged for several more crimes in the past years. These include attacking his former wife, threatening his neighbor with a chainsaw and sledgehammer, failing to show up to a court date for possession of cocaine and for speeding on a couple of occasions.


Drunken driver apprehended after multiple hit and runs in Sioux Falls

Initially, Sioux Falls law enforcement officers arrived to find that one car involved in an accident was still on scene while the other car and its driver had fled from the crash site. The driver that remained on scene was however able to provide law enforcement officers with a detailed description of the other car including its license plate number, as reported by kdlt.com.

The driver also testified that he was stopped at a red light when the other car ploughed into the back of his car and then drove away at a high rate of speed. The car that was rear ended was occupied by two persons who both suffered from neck and leg injuries for which they were treated and released in a stable condition. The police were able to track down the suspects’ vehicle, but the suspect failed to yield to officers that were signaling at him to pull over. The pursuit was called off as the suspect reached dangerous speeds.

Only minutes later, another caller reported a hit and run, and provided officers with an identical description of the suspects’ car. This time officers were successful in tracking down and apprehending the driver who has been identified as 33 year old Dusty Ray Storm. Dusty will need a South Dakota DUI attorney ASAP.

DUI laws in South Dakota

Being charged with a DUI does not mean you are helpless. It is possible to beat your case with guidance from an experienced and aggressive South Dakota DUI lawyer who understands the complexities of the state’s DUI laws. Need an impressive and astute attorney? You are in luck – here you go: USAttorneys.com.

Fantastic DUI defense attorneys know all the possible ways to beat a DUI case. They will build the best possible defense to make sure you receive a fair trial or even have your case overturned depending on the severity of the charge and how much valid evidence your lawyer can gather on your behalf. Not only that, how much evidence your lawyer can have the judge toss out.