Fairfax, VA- Being charged with a DUI means you are facing a host of legal consequences and associated expenses. There is usually the possibility of jail time, and a conviction will undoubtedly result in your license being suspended, but that’s not all. Your Fairfax DUI could also affect your current job and your future job prospects. It will also cost you thousands of dollars, so it’s smart to try to beat conviction. Here USAttorneys will discuss a few of the best ways to avoid the troublesome penalties and costs associated with a drunk driving conviction.

Your best bet at beating a DUI conviction is to have a strong defense, and no one is more qualified to provide you with one than one of our DUI lawyers in Fairfax, Virginia. We recommend you set up a consultation today to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

DUI arrests begin with a traffic stop and what happens during that stop will dictate all aspects of your case. The overwhelming majority of police conduct stops to the letter of the law, but mistakes happen, and sometimes an individual’s constitutional rights are violated. If police stop you in your car or just walking down the street, the U.S. Constitution says that police must have a valid reason to stop you.  They must have probable cause to conduct a stop and pull you over, like weaving in your lane, without sufficient probable cause your arrest may be unjustified.

If you retain an attorney, they will first look at whether an officer had probable cause to stop you before they pull you over. It is possible to the have your DUI charges dropped if an officer did not meet the probable cause standard, so that is one way to beat your DUI.

Another thing legal counsel will look is how you performed in field sobriety tests or a breathalyzer. For the most part, those tests are scientifically accurate, but there are times when results of these tests are misinterpreted, the result of an arrestee’s medical condition or due to faulty or neglected equipment. According to the Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some factors can affect a person’s ability to perform sobriety tests such as back injury or a medical condition. Your counsel will also look to see if breathalyzers in your area.

USAttorneys encourages you to speak with a DUI lawyer in Fairfax if you have been charged with a DUI. We can get you in touch with a legal expert near your location who can work on your defense and give you a better chance of avoiding conviction. It’s important to have robust defense because a DUI conviction will be cost you dearly, legally and financially. You need a top-notch defense if you want to beat a DUI charge. Call one of our lawyers in your area today and set up a consultation.