Virginia Beach, VA- Drinking and driving or driving while impaired is illegal in Virginia and has a list of legal consequences. Most everyone knows that, but what many people don’t realize is that not every DUI is alike and some circumstances can lead to enhanced charged and harsher penalties.

There are several reasons why a person can be charged with an aggravated DUI under Virginia state laws. Those aggravating circumstances can include a high blood alcohol content exceeding .015, if a child was in the car with you; if it was your third offense; or if you caused an accident that involved injury or death. If your DUI arrest involved any of these special circumstances, police can charge you with aggravated/felony DWI which will greatly increases your chances of being sentence to jail, pay exorbitant fines and face other frustrating consequences.

Sadly, most courts are eager to give DUI offenders the maximum penalties allowed by law if their arrest involved any of the circumstances listed above. That’s a stark reality, but it is possible for you to avoid an aggravated DWI charge, if you enlist a DUI lawyer in Virginia to help you with your case. They are skilled at what they do and that includes building a strong defense, negotiating for a plea bargain or making a case for leniency during sentencing.

Under Virginia law, it is possible for a felony DWI offender to ask for a plea bargain, especially if it is the first time you’ve faced the charge. There is no guarantee of a plea bargain, but it is a possibility that many prosecutors are willing to consider in order to avoid the cost of a trial. There are many things that can dissuade a prosecutor from offering you a plea bargain which is the exact reason why you need an experienced defense attorney arguing on your behalf. You need someone to convince the prosecution that you deserve reduced penalties.

Whether you are facing a simple DUI or felony DWI charges in Virginia, you need someone working on your case who knows how to craft a solid defense. Once you’ve been charged with a DUI, you will immediately lose your license and will have a very narrow window of opportunity to get it back even for limited purposes. This is just one of the immediate consequences, a DUI lawyer in Virginia can help you avoid and with a stellar divorce lawyer on your side, you may be able to avoid a DUI conviction.

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