What do you get when you mix alcohol, drugs, and a reckless driver? A DUI charge. And in the state of Tennessee, lawmakers aren’t exactly lenient against those who are willing to place the lives of others at risk by getting behind the wheel of their automobile intoxicated or under the influence of any type of drug.

A DUI conviction in Tennessee could mean you lose out on your ability to drive as many offenders license’s are revoked.

DUI charges aren’t something to play with. With the growing number of lives taken each and every day, you can expect that if you were caught driving drunk, the prosecutor may try and hit you with the maximum penalty, even more so if you caused an accident and left the scene of it.

When a driver attempts to flee an accident scene, if caught, could potentially lose their driving privileges as they will be revoked. If injuries were sustained, you might also be facing jail time and even fines and fees associated with your crime. But when you add alcohol into the mix, it makes for even worse outcome. DUI attorneys in Chattanooga would know all about this as they fight for drunk drivers who made a mistake get their charges reduced or dismissed. The trouble many DUI attorneys face, however, is when their client engages in so many different acts that resulted in harm bring inflicted on others.

Tennessee Woman Causes Multiple Wrecks in TN and Attempts to Flee the Scene

Driving while under the influence of any substance can lead to a downward spiral of effects. Take for instance a recent case involving a Tennessee woman who was not only drunk, but also high on drugs. According to wrcbtv.com, Rachel D. Arnold was arrested on multiple charges as police discovered several liquor containers and drugs in her vehicle after she caused multiple accidents. The Kingsport Police Department commented on the incident highlighting that Arnold first ran a red light which caused her to strike the front of another automobile which had two people inside.

She attempted to drive away from the scene of that crash, ran a stop sign, and hit a truck carrying three individuals. Because of Arnold’s negligence, the first vehicle had to be towed due to the damage done and the second contained passengers who sustained injuries. The news source was unclear as to whether Arnold hired a Tennessee DUI defense attorney but for her sake, she had better hope she hires one soon as her charges more than likely will be rather harsh.

Were you Recently Charged with a DUI in Chattanooga, TN? 

Whether you were charged for DUI or caused an accident and were driving drunk or on drugs, you are going to need legal counsel to represent you in court. The prosecutor is going to come prepared you want to ensure you do the same thing. USAttorneys.com specializes in connecting individuals like you with reputable and well-versed Chattanooga, TN DUI lawyers in your area and will gladly help you.

The rest of your life could be affected by this charge. Seek legal aid today with the help USAttorneys can offer.