The harsh dui penalties in Michigan are there to prove a point and that they do. Did you know that from start to finish, one DUI charge could have you paying $10,000 out of pocket? Many people only think about the immediate penalties they might face such as the amount of time they will spend in jail or if they will lose their license but fail to take into account just how much this crime is going to cost them. But the fact is, if you are arrested for DUI and convicted of the charge, there are several different fines and fees that are imposed.

A DUI conviction in Michigan could cost you thousands of dollars for all the fines and fees the courts impose.

For example, if you are charged with a DUI in Grand Rapids, MI you are likely going to face the following fines and fees:

  • Court imposed fines and fees.
  • Probation fees.
  • The cost for counseling programs.
  • The fees for drug or alcohol testing while on probation.
  • The price to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle.

If you have been charged with DUI in the state of Michigan and wish to find out how you can get your charges reduced, let a Grand Rapids DUI defense attorney at Gordon & Hess, PLC represent you. These professionals understand what it takes to get DUI charges reduced and even dismissed and can help you with other aspects of your case as well.

What are the penalties for a first and second offense DUI in Michigan?

The state of Michigan views anyone who has a BAC level of .08 percent or higher as operating their vehicle illegally. Therefore, if you are arrested for DUI and it is your first or second time, you are looking at being charged with a misdemeanor crime. You are also subjected to probation and strict monitoring by the court according to Fox 17 News. You may not be looking at spending too much time in jail, however, that would depend on how and where you were arrested and if you have an aggressive DUI defense lawyer in Grand Rapids working on your side.

I was arrested for DUI and it is my third offense: what are my penalties?

Every DUI case is different but you can expect to be faced with these penalties if caught and arrested for DUI for the third time.

  • Sentenced to a minimum of one year in jail.
  • Lose all driving privileges for at least five years.

A third DUI offense is also considered a felony crime which is why the penalties increase in severity.

 What is Michigan’s “Super Drunk Driving” Law?

Now, if you are caught driving with a BAC of .17, the courts are going to automatically impose these harsh fines as the laws intensify with an increased BAC level.

  • You might be required to spend up to 180 days in jail.
  • You will be responsible for paying a $200-$700 fine.
  • Your license will be suspended for one year.
  • You will have to complete extra community service hours.

The lawmakers in the state of Michigan are looking to deter drunk and drugged drivers away from engaging in the act by imposing such stiff penalties. But, if you have found yourself in an unfortunate circumstance that has led to a DUI charge, contact a Grand Rapids DUI lawyer at Gordon & Hess, PLC now by calling 616-272-3331.