Being charged with DUI in Birmingham, AL has its downfalls as there are immediate consequences you are going to incur. But, aside from the jail time, fines, fees, and other repercussions you are faced with for driving while under the influence, a DUI charge can dramatically affect your overall life and for a long period of time. Because of the negative affects a DUI brings, you want to ensure you have a Birmingham DUI defense attorney representing your case to ensure your sentence is favorable for you and hopefully helps reduce how much it affects you going forward after the charges.

A DUI not only affects you the moment you are charged, but also could affect your lifestyle and opportunities for years to come.

Below are some ways a DUI can negatively implicate your life based on information provided by Life Safer.

  1. Keeping Your Job- Most job fields require you to report an arrest to your employer after it occurs. And in some cases, this arrest may even cost you your job. Teachers, police, and other government and state workers often lose their jobs or are placed on leave until an investigation has been conducted. The fact is, mistakes happen and if you found yourself in an unfortunate circumstance that caused you to get arrested for DUI, you could be looking at losing that secure job you worked so hard to have.
  1. Getting a Job- As you know, most employers require you to list your criminal background on an employment application. This means if you were charged with DUI, your chances of receiving the position have now decreased. And it won’t benefit to leave this information off the application as it will appear on your permanent record and they will still have access to it when they conduct a background check.
  1. Educational and Professional Certifications- If you were hoping to become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, state officer, etc., it may be harder for you to obtain your professional license or certificate not to mention hard to keep it after the charges have been recorded. There are many individuals who lose their license in the field in which they work in simply because they were charged with DUI. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a first offense or not, it is still going to have negative repercussions on your chance to keep the certifications you have earned.
  1. Auto Insurance- In most cases, a DUI is going to result in having your license suspended. This means your will be required to contact your insurer once you are able to reinstate your insurance policy and that could result in your being “required to maintain a special type of expensive insurance after being convicted.”

With the increasing number of drunk drivers out on the roadways, the courts are doing all that they can to reprimand those who engage in the act. If you have found yourself being charged with DUI and you live in Birmingham, AL, contact USAttorneys today and let them find you an Alabama DUI lawyer now who will work to avoid having this DUI affect you for longer than necessary.