Covington, KY- Drinking and driving isn’t just an issue for adults; many teens in the U.S. also engage in this potentially deadly behavior. In the 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Study, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, 10 percent of teens surveyed admitted to driving drunk and over twice as many, 22 percent admitted to riding with a drunk driver. Teens and their parents need to know the consequences of and underage DUI, so we’ll discuss some of the consequences here.

In Kentucky, like all other states, the minimum drinking age is 21 with no exceptions. And because teen drivers are far more inexperienced and accident-prone than adults, there are stricter laws in regards to underage drinking.

Drivers of legal age are breaking the law and will be charged with a DUI if their blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 or above. There are stricter standards for underage drivers, in Kentucky a driver under the age can be charged with a DUI if their blood alcohol concentration is 0.02 or above.

What are the consequences?

For a first underage DUI conviction the penalties include: 2 to 30 days in jail, fines between $200 and $500 and license suspension between 30 days and 120 days.

For a second underage DUI conviction, the penalties include: 7 to 10 days in jail, fines between $350 and $500 and license suspension between 12 and 18 months.

But those aren’t the only consequences, underage DUI offenders call also face additional criminal charges including: minor in possession, distributing alcohol to a minor, child endangerment and soliciting a minor.

What’s more, any adults that may have provided or was otherwise complicit in a teen’s alcohol consumption could also be charged with providing alcohol to a minor and other related-charges.

Minors won’t be able to dodge a DUI charged if they refuse to submit to sobriety or chemical tests either. Kentucky’s implied consent laws require all motorists, regardless of their age to submit to these sobriety tests.

It’s important to note that prosecutors in Kentucky don’t offer plea bargains for DUI charges. So, whether you are underage and have been charged with a DUI or you are an adult, you cannot get a plea bargain. For that reason, USAttorneys strongly suggests you contact a DUI lawyer in Kentucky to work on your defense. Our team of DUI defense lawyers in Covington, Kentucky understands DUI and criminal statutes, allowing them to offer you a comprehensive defense that minimizes the severity of all the charges you are facing.

No matter what your age, a DUI conviction will be on record of at least five years and can hold you back in your personal and professional lives. The consequences are greater than many people realize, but our team of DUI lawyers in Kentucky will work very hard to minimize those consequences and help an offender, underage or not, avoid being convicted. Contact a lawyer today and see how they can help with their defense.