Arlington, VA- Most DUIs involve drivers who are drunk, but drugged driving is also becoming more common. Data from the 2013-2014 National Roadside Survey showed that illegal drug use among motorists increased by 25 percent. Additionally, 50 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, many of which can cause impairment. Whether a drug is illegal or prescribed, Virginia drivers can face drugged driving charges, so it’s important to understand the consequences of a drug-related DUI.

Too many motorists don’t realize that having a prescription for a drug does not keep them from being charged with a DUI. Even though prescription drugs warn people not to drive, those directions are ignored. Many prescription drugs impair the taker’s motor skills and ability to react in emergency situations. Some drugs impair the motorist’s vision and make mental focus impossible.

If you are facing a drugged driving charge in Virginia, USAttorneys encourages you to get the advice of a DUI lawyer in Arlington to determine if you can beat a conviction.

Of course, many individuals charged with a drug-related DUI in Virginia involve illicit drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamines or heroin. Virginia law has a zero tolerance policy in regards to drugs, meaning a driver can be charged with a DUI if they are impaired.

If you are convicted of A DUI in Arlington, you face a minimum of five days in jail, fines up to $250 and your license will be suspended for at least one year. What’s more, your drugged driving conviction will remain on your record for several years.

When you are charged with a drug-related DUI, the prosecution has to prove you were impaired at the time of your arrest. Having a substance in your blood stream is not proof of intoxication, some drugs like marijuana can remain in the bloodstream long after the intoxicating effects have worn off. That fact can be an important part of your defense, which our team of DUI lawyers in Virginia understands.

USAttorneys has a skilled team of DUI lawyers who know how to build a solid defense, so you have a better chance of avoiding a DUI conviction. You need to take a drugged driving charge seriously by contacting a DUI lawyer in Arlington to see what options you have to resolve your charges. Contact an attorney today and get informed about your charges. You won’t regret retaining a DUI lawyer.

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