Drugged driving is a growing problem in Ohio and the USA as a whole.

Cleveland, OH- Most OVI cases in Ohio entail drunk drivers, but drugged driving is also an issue. Nearly half of Americans are one or more prescription drugs, and marijuana use is one the rise, so some Cleveland drivers are going to find themselves charged with a drug-related OVI.

As we said above, a lot of Americans are on prescription drugs and some of those drugs can adversely affect a person’s driving abilities. Surprisingly, many individuals fail to realize that having a prescription is not a free pass to drive if they are impaired.

There is an extensive list of prescription drugs that will hurt a motorist’s motor skills, reaction times along with their mental the visual focus. For those two reasons, drugged drivers are aggressively prosecuted, it doesn’t matter if they have a prescription for a drug or not. Many prescription drugs affect a person’s motor skills and ability to react in an emergency situation. Such drugs can impair a person’s vision and make mental focus difficult. Motorists should not ignore the warnings on their prescriptions and refrain from driving if they are impaired.

If you are charged driving under the influence of prescription drugs, USAttorneys encourages you to get legal assistance. Our team of talented OVI/ DUI lawyers in Ohio will build a strong defense that will give you a greater chance of avoiding a DUI conviction.

If you live in Cleveland, we can connect you with an experienced OVI/DUI lawyer who is well-versed in criminal defense.

Of course, many people arrested for a drug-related DWI on Cleveland are under the influence an illicit drug like marijuana, methamphetamines or heroin.  Ohio Revised Code 4511.19 states that no one can drive with illegal drugs in their system outlines the minimum amount of illegal substances you must have on your system to be charged with drugged driving.

If you are charged with a drug-related OVI/DUI in Cleveland, you face anywhere between three days in jail up to six months. You could lose your license for six months to three years depending on the circumstances of your case, and will pay fines between $250 and $1,000. Those are just the legal ramifications, but the consequences don’t end there. An OVI conviction can take a toll on a person’s personal and professional lives and will remain on their record for six years.

The main question prosecutors must answer to secure a drugged driving conviction is: Was the offender impaired at the time of your arrest? The presence of a substance alone is not enough for a conviction which our team of OVI/ DUI lawyers in Ohio understand. USAttorneys will get you in touch with a local defense attorney who can minimize the consequences you face or help you avoid being convicted. Speak with a legal expert and get informed about your charges and possible defense strategies.