Fort Pierce, FL- According to FBI statistics, 1.1 million Americans were arrested for drunk driving in 2014, and many of those arrests included repeat offenders facing their second or third DUI arrest. Many people don’t know the consequences of a first DUI, much less a second, so USAttorneys’ team of DUI lawyers will discuss the consequences of a second DUI charge in Florida.

As soon after your arrest as possible, we recommend you speak with a defense attorney. A second DUI is not a frivolous charge, and you need a knowledgeable attorney on your side, doing whatever they can to help you avoid a second DUI conviction.

Under Florida law, you can be charged with a repeat offense if your DUI arrests occurred within five years of each other. If you had a prior DUI charge but were allowed to plead to a wet reckless charge, it will count as a second offense if it occurred within the state’s five-year lookback period.

If you have been charged with your second DUI with no aggravating circumstances such as a high blood alcohol concentration, you face a minimum of ten days in jail but could be sentenced to 9 months up to one year. You also face fines between $1,000 and $4,000 and will have your license suspended for up to five years. You will also have to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle for at least one year, the costs of which will come out of your wallet. That includes installation and monthly calibration fees.

Overall, between the legal fees, fines penalties, DUI school, administrative license fees, and increased insurance premiums, a DUI in Florida can easily add up to $10,000. But the costs don’t end there; you could lose your job because you are unable to drive. A repeat DUI offense could negatively affect college admissions and keep you from pursuing the career of your choice.

A DUI conviction in Florida cannot be expunged and will never come off your record, so you must be proactive and get legal advice immediately. USAttorneys can connect you with the DUI lawyer in Fort Pierce to assist you with your defense. They can help you secure a plea bargain if that is the best option or help decide on a better course of action. If you act quickly and get legal assistance right away, you will have the opportunity to minimize some of the immediate and future consequences of your repeat DUI offense. Call and set up a consultation today, so you can get the professional help you need during this troubling time.

You can spend significant time in jail and face costly fines for a repeat DUI charge in Fort Pierce.