Any driver who is underage and gets caught driving under the influence in Greenville, SC, will have to face the brunt of the law. When it comes to underage drinking and driving there is usually not a lot of room to get away with legal penalization. South Carolina follows the zero-tolerance policy which means that even having a BAC of 0.02% while being under the age of 21 is immediate grounds for having one’s license suspended.

The possible penalties drivers under the age of 21 will have to face if they are caught DUI include:

  • License suspended or withheld for up to three months on their first offense and for up to six months for their second offense
  • Arrest and prosecution under South Carolina’s drunk driving laws
  • Possible charges of child endangerment
  • Installment of an ignition interlock device
  • Possible fines depending on how intoxicated the individual was and how much damage they did while they were DUI

A lot of the penalties that an underage driver faces depends on their specific situation, who was in the vehicle with them, and how high their blood alcohol content was at the time of their arrest.

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How can I get my license back after it gets suspended?

Any driver who was underage and had their license suspended because of DUI can apply for an administrative hearing in order to get their driving privileges back. Getting in contact with a qualified lawyer who is experienced in dealing with underage drunk driving charges is a good idea if a person wants to ensure everything runs smoothly and that they get their driving privileges back as soon as possible.

A lawyer in Greenville, SC can also educate a person on their rights so they are aware of what they are allowed to and not allowed to do after being stopped by a police officer. A preliminary hearing will generally require a person to satisfy the required fines, community service, and Alcohol and Drug Safety programs before they are allowed to get behind the wheel again.

It is also generally always required that the driver get an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle for a specified period of time before they are allowed to drive again.

What is an ignition interlock device?

The ignition interlock device works by testing a person’s breath-alcohol before allowing the vehicle to ignite and therefore works to prevent a person from driving while intoxicated. Ignition interlock devices are now even required for first-time offenders under Bill number 137.

The device is extremely sensitive and prevents the vehicle from turning on if it detects just above 0.02% alcohol in a person’s breath. Not only does it measure alcohol levels it also takes a photo in order to confirm that the driver was sitting in their seat when they took the test and they didn’t have someone else take the test in their place.

Getting the advice of a lawyer can help a person understand the rules of using an interlock ignition device and a lawyer can also help a person take the necessary steps to earn their previous driving privileges back again.

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