St. Charles, MO- Being convicted of a DWI in Missouri has numerous legal penalties including jail, fines, and loss of your driving privileges, but the consequences don’t stop there. What many people don’t realize is that a DWI conviction has financial, personal and professional ramifications as troubling as the legal consequences.

Personal Consequences of a DWI Conviction in St. Charles

Getting Around is Difficult

When you’ve been charged with a DWI, you lose your license without even being convicted. Your driver’s license can be suspended for as little as 30 days, or you can have it taken away for longer. Either way, you may find it difficult to get around, especially in an area that has minimal or no access to public transportation. You may have to rely on friends or family for rides which can put a strain on your relationship.

Significant Hike Car Insurance Premiums

A DWI conviction makes you a major liability to an insurance company, so they are going to charge you extremely high premiums once your license is reinstated. says the average increase in car insurance premiums in Missouri is 49 percent.

Anyone who you share a household with could also see their insurance premiums rise. That’s because auto insurers assume you and the other members of the household drive each other’s vehicles.

You Won’t Be Able to Rent a Car

Many car rental places do a check of your driver’s license to see if you have a history of traffic infractions so that they can minimize their losses.

You May Not Be Allowed to Travel Internationally

Many countries won’t allow entry to individuals with a DUI conviction on your record. Canada is one of those countries, and you could be turned away at the border or airport customs. They have efficient screening, so it’s unlikely your conviction will get past their system.

Employers Won’t Hire You

Some companies will not hire a person with a DWI on their record. An arrest or conviction can give an employer the impression that you are undisciplined or have a drinking problem. Those things may not be true, but appearances are everything when you are asking for a job.

If you work in transportation, you could lose your livelihood and may have your commercial driver’s license permanently revoked. A DWI arrest can also result in immediate termination for bus drivers, truck drivers, or train operators.

You Need to Contact a DWI Lawyer in St. Charles

The consequences mentioned above are just a few that you face, there may be more depending on the seriousness of your DWI charges. Your best bet at avoiding the personal ramifications is to hire a DWI lawyer in St. Charles, Missouri to work on your defense. will have a DWI lawyer near your Missouri location call you by answering a few questions on our contact page. It takes just a few minutes of your time to get connected with a skilled defense lawyer.