When someone is charged with crimes related to driving under the influence, there are often additional cases filed by prosecutors related to aggravating factors such as property damage or injuries to others on the road. The most serious of these charges is manslaughter, which is brought when a suspect’s drunk driving causing the death of another person.

A 34 year old man with previous offenses related to drunk driving was responsible for a fatal DUI accident in McAllen Texas.

Drunk man kills two people riding in an ambulance

Police believe that the suspect was parked in front of a Dollar General store on a Sunday night when he backed out suddenly and at a high rate of speed. His truck hit one vehicle initially, and this first impact created a reaction that caused an ambulance and his truck to collide head on. The collision occurred on East Monte Cristo Road. One EMS medic working for Hidalgo County was killed as a result of the impact and a 68 year old female patient inside also died. Another 24 year old female medic in the ambulance was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The suspect was taken into custody after the accident and charged with intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault. These felonies can be punished by up to twenty years in jail.

The suspect had also been arrested for a DWI charge in Hidalgo County, but took a plea to an evading arrest charge related to the same incident. That drunk driving charge was dismissed and he was only sentenced to probation without jail time.

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Why was the defendant charged with manslaughter?

Manslaughter charges are essentially the law’s way of charging someone for killing another person without intent. Usually these cases begin with a suspect engaging in some kind of reckless and illegal behavior that is very likely to cause injury to others. Because it can be difficult to prove intentional acts in a drunk driving case, the state merely needs to show that the person was intoxicated, drove, and caused an accident that resulted in the death of another individual.

It is rare that vehicular offenses result in any kind of a murder charge or other intentional crimes, as the prosecutors would have to prove that the defendant intentionally struck someone with the intent to kill or injure. Many serious accidents do not result in any criminal charges at all, considering it can be difficult to show whether a car crash was caused by intentional acts or human error alone. As a general principle, most people value their own safety enough that they do not willfully cause accidents.

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