Montgomery County, MD- Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is something most people agree is wrong. In spite of the danger, each year over a million Americans are arrested and charged with DUI. That equates to thousands of DUI arrests in Maryland which are often routine. Other times, there are circumstances surrounding a person’s DUI arrest that can lead to aggravated charges and more severe penalties. Here our team of DUI lawyers in Montgomery County, Maryland will discuss three common reasons why you could be charged with an aggravated DUI.

There are several reasons you can be charged with an aggravated DUI in Maryland. For instance, if you were going at least 20 miles over the speed limit or have a history or impaired driving. You can also be charged with an aggravated DUI if you are driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license.

The three most common reasons you can be accused of an aggravated DUI if you were: driving with a high blood-alcohol concentration of 0.015 percent of above, impaired driving with a minor child in your vehicle or causing an accident that involves an injury or death. Any of these circumstances can also lead to other charges. For example, if you cause an accident that left someone injured, you could also be charged with assault. Or, if you had a child in your car, you could be charged with child endangerment.

Regardless of the mitigating circumstances that lead to an aggravated DUI charge, there are harsh penalties for conviction. Those penalties include a jail penalty of up to one year in jail, a six-month suspension of your drivers’ license and fines ranging between $500 and $1,000. In addition to those penalties, a person convicted of an aggravated DUI may have to get treatment for drug or alcohol dependence and you may have to install an ignition interlock device in their cars.

Those are just the legal consequences of an aggravated DUI. As far as your personal life is concerned, a DUI can impact you professionally and financially, so it is wise if you are facing an aggravated DUI charge, to enlist the help of a DUI defense lawyer in Maryland by visiting the contact page of USAttorneys or speaking with one of our operators.

Whether your DUI charge is routine or involves aggravating circumstances, you need a DUI lawyer on your side. You need someone to counter the prosecution’s case, which will be aggressive and unrelenting. Let USAttorneys help you connect with a DUI lawyer in Montgomery County, Maryland to assist you with your defense. They are your best hope to minimize the impact of your DUI charge and keep the consequences from having a negative influence on your life. Set up a consultation and get the sage legal advice you could use right now.