Getting caught while DUI is bad enough, but when a person gets into an accident while DUI, they are in even more hot water with the law. Generally speaking, if a person gets arrested for DUI they are often charged under a misdemeanor crime. However, if they got into an accident while they were DUI their crime will be treated as a felony and they will be penalized according to how much damage and harm they caused to the other drivers involved in the accident.

What charges can be laid against me after the accident?

Anyone who is DUI and they get into an accident can be charged on a variety of different damages alongside DUI, including:

  • Colorado Vehicular assault– charged if serious injuries were caused to other drivers and passengers
  • Colorado Vehicular homicide– charged if other drivers or passengers were killed
  • Reckless driving– charged when it can be proven that a driver drove without regard for safety by their own will
  • Careless driving– charged when traffic rules were broken by the driver
  • Third-degree assault– charged when a driver caused bodily harm to another through the use of their vehicle

Once again, the type of charge a person faces will be specific to their accident and how much harm they caused to the other drivers. Naturally, the more damage they caused, the more serious penalties they will have to face in court.

What penalties will I have to face after being arrested for DUI?

Getting arrested for DUI can lead a person to face a wide range of penalties from having their license suspended to having to undergo jail time.

Some basic penalties faced by first-time DUI offenders include:

  • License revocation for 9 months
  • Installation of an ignition interlock Device (IIG) inside their vehicle
  • Jail time of 5 days and up to one year
  • A fine of $600-$1000
  • 48-96 hours of public service alongside a $120 fee

These penalties can vary depending on a person’s situation. Living without a driving license can be extremely difficult and that is why a person is allowed to apply for a limited license after the first month of their revoked license is over.

With a limited or restricted license, a person will generally only be allowed to drive to work, school medical appointments, and drug and alcohol prevention programs. However, that is still much better than not being allowed to drive at all.

Gaining the ability to drive again is not the only privilege a person can earn back after being charged for DUI. A person can also have their jail time waived and the hours of community service reduced depending on how well they are able to present their case.

Getting accused of DUI should never be taken lightly because of how severe the penalties can be. A DUI lawyer in Colorado can help a person figure out the best course of legal action which should be taken based on a person’s specific circumstances.