Allentown, PA– Have you been arrested for a DUI in Allentown? Are you wondering about what comes next? Do you know the consequences of a conviction? The fact is, most people charged with a DUI, unless it is a repeat offense, aren’t aware of what they need to do next or what penalties they face if they are convicted. That is why USAttorneys wanted to explain what steps you must take next so that you can resolve your case with a minimal legal impact as possible.

The most immediate consequence of a DUI charge in Lehigh County is driver’s license suspension. It’s not a requirement, but a judge can decide to suspend your license. If you want the opportunity to keep your license, you need to contact a DUI defense attorney in Allentown, Pennsylvania and enlist their help.

Next, you will have to decide whether you will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. You will be given an arraignment date soon after your arrest, so you should get legal advice as soon as you can. Under Pennsylvania law, a plea bargain is not possible, which means you need to think carefully about what plea to enter. An attorney will look at the facts of your case decide which route will have the best outcome.

If you are convicted of your first DUI in Allentown, you won’t face a jail term, but you will have pay up to $300 in fines and your conviction will remain on your record for ten years. What’s more, with a DUI conviction on your record, you face enhanced penalties if you are charged with a second, third or subsequent offense. You will also face skyrocketing insurance premiums.

On top of the consequences discussed above, a DUI conviction will impact your job and could result in your termination. With a DUI conviction on your record, you could have trouble getting a better job, miss out on educational opportunities, and be denied professional licenses. There are many aspects of your life that will be impacted by a DUI conviction.

USAttorneys recommends you speak with a DUI lawyer near your Lehigh County location to set up a consultation to discuss a defense strategy. There is much more at stake than you realize and you could be dealing the after effects of your DUI longer than necessary if you fail to get the assistance of a legal expert. Call and set up a consultation with one of our accomplished defense lawyers today; it’s your best chance of negating the severity of a DUI conviction.

USAttorneys encourages you to set up a consultation with an attorney before you make any decisions about how to proceed with your case.