Fort Myers, FL – Almost all DUI cases begin with a police officer noticing a driving pattern that may indicate impairment from drugs or alcohol. After the driver is stopped, the officer will start to look for other indicators of impairment, and start a DUI investigation if they believe that the person is intoxicated. Anyone who has been charged with a DUI should speak with an attorney to ensure that the police followed all relevant laws and procedures properly. 

Failure to maintain a lane

One of the most common driving patterns of intoxicated drivers is when the car is weaving to both sides between lanes or within a lane. This can indicate that the driver’s coordination is impaired to the point that they cannot maintain a lane and drive in a straight line. 

Ignoring traffic control devices

When drivers are intoxicated, they may not pay attention to stop signs, traffic lights, and other signals on the road that are designed to control the flow of traffic and keep the roads safe. If the car goes straight through these devices without any changes in their speed or stopping, it may indicate that they are ignoring important signals on the road, or that they are too impaired to notice them. 

Inappropriate rates of speed

It is common for drivers who are impaired to not regulate their speed properly. This may include driving much too fast or too slow based on the surrounding road conditions. 

Causing an accident

Drivers who are heavily intoxicated will often lose control of their vehicles and hit other cars or obstacles near the road. Police will usually look to see if the driver who caused an accident is impaired and may have been operating their car illegally.  

Defending against charges following the DUI arrest

The traffic stop is one of the most important aspects of a DUI case for defense attorneys. If the traffic stop was illegal, it may be possible for most or all of the state’s evidence to be excluded and the case will be dropped. After the initial stop, there are also certain procedures that the police must follow related to field sobriety tests, collect a chemical sample of breath, blood, or urine, and advising the suspect of their rights. Mistakes at any of these times can be highlighted and disputed by the suspect’s defense lawyer

Assistance from a local lawyer in Florida

Michael M. Raheb is an experienced DUI defense attorney who works in the Fort Myers area. He can provide representation after an arrest and throughout the course of fighting against the state’s charges until there is a plea deal or trial.  

Firm contact info:

The Law Offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A.

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