Drunk drivers are out on the streets each and every day. While some manage to get away with the crime, others are repeat offenders who can’t seem to avoid mixing drinking and driving. If you have been convicted of a DUI or have recently been charged, you’ll soon be informed on the consequences you will be facing for the degree of the offense along with any other penalties if this isn’t your first charge for DWI.

An experienced DUI attorney in Troy Hills can help you find ways to avoid engaging in the act again and facing harsher charges.

DUI charges in the state of New Jersey can be harsh and affect your life entirely. It is important you have legal representation, however, when going in to a court hearing to ensure your rights as a citizen are upheld. You also want to be sure all the details in your case are accurate and that the charges placed against you actually fit the crime.

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What actions have been put into place to deter repeat offenders from drinking and driving?

After a person is charged with DWI/DUI, the courts usually suspend their license or require them to drive with a device interlock system inside their vehicle. It all comes down to the degree of the crime before any penalties can be assessed. Removing this privilege is enough for someone to never engage in the act again, however, not for others. That is where the SCRAM system has come into the picture. But what is it?

Introducing the SCRAM System

According to scramsystems.com, approximately 1 million DUI arrests are made each year in the U.S. Clearly this number is an issue as that reveals there are even more people out driving intoxicated who have not even been caught by police. With this growing number, many companies have come forward to help reduce this statistic from growing any higher.

Who Can Purchase a SCRAM System and What Products Are Sold?

Because of the growing number of people being killed in drunk driving accidents is a rather large issue, one company has devised a way to help offenders who have been charged with DUI avoid becoming a repeat offender. SCRAM is available to police agencies along with courts who may want them, and they have the option to “purchase, lease, or rent the current products available.

The company offers four products, two of which can be used for someone who has been charged with a DUI:

  • The SCRAM CAM- A 24/7continiuos and automated testing device to determine whether a person has had a drink or not.
  • SCRAM Remote Breath- “This is the first and only handheld, wireless, portable breath alcohol device with automated facial recognition and GPS with every type of test.”

How Can You Get a SCRAM Device?

Speak with your Troy Hills, DUI lawyer to determine if this is something you qualify for as it helps many individuals remain sober after facing criminal charges for DWI. The most effective way to ensure you aren’t charged with the offense again is to steer clear of alcohol.