There are many things a court and/or jury are going to take into consideration when an individual is charged with DUI in Columbus, Ohio. Understanding what factors play a role in how a person is charged is something we will explain below that may help give you some insight if you are currently looking at these same charges.

  1. Whether this is your first, second, or third DUI offense. The more times you are caught and charged with a crime, the more the penalties intensify. While a first-time offender who wasn’t involved in a drunk driving accident might only have to serve a few days in jail and pay a few hundred in fines, a third-time offender could be looking at years behind bars.

That brings us to this next factor.

  1. Did you cause an accident as a result of driving while intoxicated? The damage you caused along with the injuries inflicted upon those involved are all going to be taken into consideration when your case is presented before a judge. If the accident resulted in a death, you could be looking at being charged with vehicular manslaughter. However, having an experienced DUI defense lawyer representing you can help reduce the chance of you being convicted of this charge.

Haven’t hired a Columbus, Ohio DUI lawyer yet? It’s important that you at least have the opportunity to consult with a legal representative prior to going into a court hearing to learn the many advantages you get when you elect to hire one. Columbus, OH DUI attorneys can provide prospective clients with helpful advice, guidance, and will work to identify ways that qualify you to get your charges dropped or reduced.

  1. Your criminal history. If you have no prior convictions and no run-ins with the law, you stand a better chance at having the judge reduce your charges and the corresponding penalties. We see this in a recent case involving a father who caused an accident that sent his two-year-old through the front windshield. Deepak Rijal, 27, was driving while under the influence, however, the judge overseeing his case only sentenced him to three days in jail and the remainder of his sentence on probation. Why? “Rijal’s remorse and a lack of a prior criminal record” contributed to this determination [Source: The Columbus Dispatch].
  2. Your BAC level– When a driver is caught operating their vehicle with a blood-alcohol content level (BAC) of 0.08 or higher, they are automatically charged with DUI. But, if a driver’s BAC level is extremely high, they could potentially be charged with harsher penalties than what they would have been had they had a lower BAC.

There are many other factors that are going to play a role in the outcome of a person’s DUI case but it is best to discuss this with a Columbus DUI defense attorney. The DUI lawyers works with are familiar with the laws and all have previous experience handling these types of cases. Therefore, if you need to get connected with a local lawyer in your city, contact them now.