When a driver gets pulled over for drunk driving in San Diego, California, they have to face a list of charges depending on the severity of their case. Some cases of DUI are taken a lot more seriously than others, and the amount of damage a driver causes while they are DUI actually plays a significant role in how severely they are eventually penalized.

After a police officer examines the alleged offender’s license and asks them to take a few sobriety tests, they will most likely arrest the person on the spot and suspend their license if they have reason to believe that the driver was actually drunk while they were behind the wheel.

What charges can I be laid with if I am arrested for DUI?

If you were driving while intoxicated and you didn’t get into an accident or hurt anyone in the process, you can be charged with either driving under the influence or with driving with a BAC of 0.8% or higher.

The difference between the two charges is that a person doesn’t need to have a BAC of 0.8% or higher to be charged with driving under the influence. If an officer was able to physically see that the driver did not have control over their body or vehicle despite their BAC level, they can still be charged and arrested with DUI.

The penalties a person is eventually given by the court can vary dramatically depending on their circumstances.

What factors will aggravate my penalty for driving under the influence?

Not all DUI cases are treated the same. There are certain circumstances which can get a driver into a lot more trouble than others.

  • If a driver is caught with a high BAC which is generally 0.15 or higher than their penalties will always be increased significantly.
  • Driving with minors (children under 14 years old) in the passenger seat can also lead to a person facing more serious penalties.
  • If a person was speeding around 20 miles over the speed limit and they were being reckless while they were at it, they can add two more months to their jail sentence.
  • If other individuals were injured or even killed during their reckless driving, then more charges will be laid against the drunk driver and they will have to face more legal consequences as well.
  • If a person is under the age of 21 while DUI, they will also face stricter penalties because California has a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving while a person is underage.

Who should I get in touch after I am arrested for DUI?

Anyone who is arrested for driving under the influence should seriously consider getting in touch with a DUI lawyer in Chula Vista, California. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Bruce. S. Meth have all the knowledge and experience to guide a person through the legalities and help them collect the required evidence to reduce their penalties significantly.

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