Driving under the influence is considered a serious crime in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If a person is caught DUI they will have to face several different charges and penalties depending on how seriously they were intoxicated and how much damage they managed to do while in this state.

The first thing that will happen if a person is pulled over for DUI is that they will be asked to give a blood test or a breath test in order to determine whether they were legally intoxicated while they were driving or if they are free to go.

It is important to note that there is a significant difference between being legally intoxicated and actually drunk. A person does not necessarily have to be swerving off the street in order to be arrested. If their blood alcohol content is found to be at or above 0.08% then they are considered to be legally intoxicated and they will be held liable accordingly.

After the blood test or the breath test is given, the police officer will fill out an affidavit containing information regarding why the arrest occurred and also revoking a person’s license for the next 30 days. This affidavit also often contains the criminal charges which will be laid against a person.

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Can I dispute the charges laid against me by the officer?

If an individual feels like they were unjustly arrested and that their license was unjustly taken away from them they have 15 days from the day of the arrest/license revocation to file for an administrative hearing.

It is always a good idea to call a DUI lawyer in Tulsa, OK to help a person get their evidence and documentation together in order to stand a better chance at having their penalties reduced. After the hearing is over, a person or their lawyer will be sent mail regarding the conclusion for whether a person will have their name cleared or whether they will have to go through with the penalties given.

If a person had their driver’s licenses seized by the officer, the affidavit will generally work as a temporary license until the hearing takes place or sometimes for the next 30 days. If a person does not file for an administrative hearing within the 15 days limit then their driving privileges will be revoked automatically and they will have to wait until the penalty clears before they can start driving around again.

Can I apply for a new license after an officer seized my old one?

Under no circumstances is a person allowed to apply for a new license if an officer has seized their old one under the charge of DUI. If a person does go ahead and do this they will be liable to more charges and their actions will be treated as a misdemeanor crime.

Once a person gets pulled over for DUI, it can be difficult to find a way out of the penalties, community service, and fines involved. Getting in touch with a DUI lawyer increases a person’s chances of having their penalties reduced and can help a person get their drivers license back sooner than if they simply try to represent themselves during their hearings and trials.

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