Once a person is charged with DUI they have to act fast in order to reduce their penalties as much as possible. One option they can pursue to try and have their penalties reduced or even waived completely is to enter the Accelerated Rehabilitated Disposition (ARD) program.

The ARD program is an option for individuals who have been charged with DUI and they want to have their charges dropped and they also want to undergo rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, not everyone will get accepted into this program right away. If a person wants admission into the program they will generally first have to attend a hearing in which the court will decide whether or not their case fits the bill. If they are granted admission and they complete all the requirements they will get to enjoy a reduction of their penalties.

What are the benefits of the ARD program?

If the ARD program is completed successfully, a person can have the arrest removed from their record and they can have their other penalties waived as well. Some requirements that need to be fulfilled while a person is in ARD include:

  • Completing substance abuse treatment
  • Completing community service
  • Having a driving license suspended
  • Making restitution

The main advantages of the ARD program include:

  • Not having to undergo jail time
  • Chances of having the case expunged from one’s records
  • Having the case dismissed
  • Having a reduced license suspension time

If a person feels like their case does not have enough evidence for them to be proven guilty and they feel like they will not be charged in the first place they can and should obviously opt out of the ARD program. A DUI attorney in Allentown, PA can help a person figure out what legal steps they should take to ensure they are not penalized unjustly.

What happens if I do not make it into ARD?

In order to make it into ARD, the following steps generally have to be taken. First of all, the attorney of the DUI offender will need to get in touch with the district attorney. The district attorney will examine the request and if they feel like it is an acceptable case they will contact the judge to arrange a hearing. During the hearing, the defendant, all attorneys (including the district attorney), and the victims will attend in order to determine whether the offender should be granted admission or not.

If a person is not granted admission to ARD then they will have to fight for themselves alongside an attorney in court. If a person tries to defend themselves they can often miss out on important points and they may forget to present important pieces of evidence. A lawyer who is well educated in DUI law will be able to guide a person on the steps they should take in order to have their sentence decreased.

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