Waynesboro, VA- We’ve all heard of being drunk as a skunk, but what about being drunk with a skunk? When Virginia police stopped a Waynesboro man for drunk driving, they detected more than the odor of an alcohol, they also noticed a horrible musky odor.

On Sunday about 2:30 p.m. witnesses called the police to report that a driver had struck a guardrail on Interstate 64. But the driver continued driving erratically until police caught up with him and pulled him over in local shopping center, according to WHSV, local ABC affiliate.

When police approached the vehicle, they noticed that the driver Efrain Moreno Alvarez smelled strongly of alcohol, but that was the only strong smell they detected; the officer also noticed his van smelled suspiciously like a skunk.

After further investigation, the officer realized that Alvarez had the body of a dead skunk hanging from his rear windshield wiper which was on despite the fact it wasn’t raining.

Alvarez was asked to submit to a field sobriety test, which he failed, and was taken into custody for suspicion of intoxicated driving. A sobriety test revealed that his blood alcohol content was .15, twice the legal limit.

When the officer inquired about the dead skunk Alvarez said he had killed it because it was getting into his chicken coop. Alvarez was looking for a place to dispose of the stinky carcass when police pulled him over. This story is just as unusual as the man who blamed his DUI arrest on his pet squirrel.

Though this story is kind of funny, a DUI isn’t. This charge has a long term effect, it can cause you to be sentenced to jail or lose your license. You could also be passed over for a job with a DUI conviction on your record, that’s why it’s important that you retain a DUI attorney and try to beat the charges.