Whether you may be a first offender, second offender, or have a family member who has recently been charged with one of the following, you may not be sure what you are up against or the consequences you may be facing. The first thing you need to understand is what these acronyms stand for and if there really is any difference between them all.

  • DUI- Driving Under the Influence.
  • DWI-Driving While Impaired
  • OVI- Operating a Vehicle Impaired
  • OMVI- Operating a Motorized Vehicle Impaired

Although they be labeled as something different, ultimately they mean that a driver has been caught behind the wheel intoxicated or under the influence of a substance. Another thing to keep in mind is that the term “driving” is a broad term and refers to anyone driving a vehicle of any sort, bicycle, or motorized vehicle.

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Consequences for DUI and DWI charges in New Jersey

Each state carries its own laws regarding DUI, DWI, OVI charges and it all begins with the BAC a person is caught driving with. BAC refers to the blood-alcohol content and according to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, anyone with a BAC of 0.08% or higher is considered to be driving under the influence. It also depends on your offense, whether it is the first time caught or the third time.

  • For someone who is caught driving while intoxicated for the first time, you could be facing three months of driving suspension, a $250-$400 fine, a possible 30 days of imprisonment, and 12-48 hours of intoxicated driver resource center (IDRC).
  • A second offense DUI charge could mean you face two years with suspended driving, $500-$1,000 fine, 30 days’ community service, 12-48 hours IDRC, and a maximum time of 90 days in prison.
  • A person facing a third offense could be subjected to 10 years without driving, $1,000 fine, 90 days’ community service, 12-48 hours of IDRC, and 180 days of imprisonment.

Any individual facing any sort of DUI charge should consult with an Atlantic City DUI attorney immediately to determine whether or not their charges could possibly be reduced.

How are DUI Penalties Determined in New Jersey?

Some things to consider when trying to determine the severity of a DUI/DWI in New Jersey include:

  • Did the offense occur in a school zone?
  • Did you refuse to take the chemical test?
  • What type of vehicle were you driving?
  • Did you cause an accident?
  • Is this a first, second, third, or fourth offense?

Beat a DUI charge in Atlantic City

A DUI/DWI/OVI charge isn’t something to take lightly. We often take for granted our driving privileges until they are gone. If you have been accused of drunk driving or are facing a conviction, allow an Atlantic City, NJ DUI lawyer to represent you and your case. You could possibly have your charges reduced or removed depending on how serious the offense was. USAttorneys.com can help place you in touch with the best DWI attorneys in New Jersey.