When a driver is pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Largo, FL, their driving privileges shall be suspended and even revoked if they are convicted of the crime. Before a driver is convicted of DUI, a Largo, FL DUI defense lawyer may be able to help them obtain temporary driving privileges while their case is pending so that they are able to get to and from work. DUI offenders should be aware that this does depend on whether they have any past alcohol-related convictions on their record.

Driver’s License Revocation Periods for a DUI Conviction in Largo, FL

If a driver is convicted of DUI in Largo, these are the driver license revocation periods the State of Florida imposes on offenders:

First Offense DUI

  • Without bodily injury-Minimum of 180 days revocation, maximum one year.
  • When bodily injury has occurred- A minimum of three years of revocation.

Second Offense DUI

  • When an offender has been convicted of an alcohol-related offense for the second time within five years, their license shall be revoked for a minimum of five years, however, they may be eligible for a hardship reinstatement after one year.
  • When an offender has been convicted of an alcohol-related offense five or more years after their first conviction, they are subject to the same revocation period as a first-time DUI offender.

Third Offense DUI

  • When the conviction occurs within 10 years of the second conviction, the license revocation period shall be set at a minimum of 10 years and the individual may be eligible for a hardship reinstatement after two years.
  • When the conviction occurs 10 or more years after the second conviction, the driver is subject to the same revocation period as a first-time offender.

DUI Manslaughter

When a driver has been convicted of DUI manslaughter, they shall be subject to mandatory permanent revocation. The individual may be entitled to a hardship reinstatement only if he/she has no prior DUI-related convictions.

What is a hardship reinstatement?

A hardship reinstatement is when a DUI offender is offered limited driving privileges while they wait for their full driving privileges to be reinstated. Because a hardship reinstatement is considered a “privilege,” it is only offered to certain DUI offenders.

Charged with DUI in Largo, FL? Contact Trevena, Pontrello & Associates

After an individual has been arrested and charged with DUI in Largo, FL, they may be feeling uncertain about many things, including whether they will go to jail or lose their ability to drive. In order for an individual to better understand their charges and what they are up against, they should contact Trevena, Pontrello & Associates to discuss their case with a qualified Largo, FL DUI defense lawyer.

With its office based in Largo Florida, Trevena Pontrello & Associates primarily practices in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco County, and throughout the state of Florida.

Trevena, Pontrello & Associates is located at:

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