Whether you are an offender, a family member of someone who was recently caught driving drunk, or simply looking to gain some insight into the process that follows after someone is caught driving drunk, you may find some of the answers you are seeking below.

While every DUI case in Louisiana is going to range in the penalties charged as each crime can occur in various ways, there are some common steps that follow after a police officer pulls a driver over and has suspected that they are intoxicated. 

  1. The driver is usually arrested. Being arrested can be scary, especially if it is your first offense. You don’t know what to expect and you aren’t really sure what is to come after you are booked in jail. This is when you want to contact a family member immediately and have them hire you a local Shreveport, LA DUI attorney. DUI defense lawyers can help get you bonded out as opposed to sitting behind bars for days on end.
  1. You are scheduled for your Initial Appearance. This is when you go before a judge prior to having your official court hearing. This meeting is also referred to as an arraignment in some instances. The purpose of your initial appearance is so that you can become aware of your charges and a bond is set. In some cases, judges may elect to not grant bond which means you could be looking at a few days in jail until your hearing date approaches. This is yet another reason why you are going to need a knowledgeable Shreveport DUI attorney. After being arrested for DUI in Louisiana, it is vital you hire a local DUI defense lawyer immediately.

Many lawyers have personal relationships with the judges and can help sway them in their decision to grant you bond. And in any case, you want bond so you can at least get some time out before your hearing to gather yourself together.

  1. After your initial appearance, you will have a hearing date scheduled. At this hearing, those filing charges against you will provide the probable cause that identifies you committed a crime. Sometimes you will be given the opportunity to state your plea or even accept an offered plea bargain.
  2. If you elect to take your case to trial, which means you did not accept the plea bargain offered, a jury will be selected.
  3. After that, the indictment comes where you are formally charged for your offense, that is if your DUI attorney in TN didn’t get your charges thrown out.

If you wish to learn more about DUI, DUI charges in Shreveport, or how you can find a nearby lawyer who specializes in DUI convictions, contact USAttorneys.com today. They will find you a lawyer nearby quickly so you can begin receiving answers to all the questions you may have.

Was your loved one jailed for DUI?

One thing that makes having a Shreveport DUI attorney essential is that they are the only ones that can speak with your loved one during their stay in jail. Granted, they are able to place their one phone call out, but you aren’t exactly going to have the opportunity to pick up the phone every time you want to speak with them. Having a lawyer can grant you access to your loved one and help them understand what is happening and what they can expect to occur.