Bowling Green, KY – For those who have been in a drunk driving accident in Kentucky, then you know how stressful and chaotic the situation can feel. For those who haven’t, make sure you know exactly what to do if the same happens to you. Drunk driving is a punishable crime in the city of Bowling Green, KY, and becomes even more serious when the drunk driving accident was caused by an intoxicated driver.

What is considered driving under the influence in the state of Kentucky? 

According to Kentucky Statute 189A.010, a person can be charged with a DUI if they:

  • Have an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more within two hours of operating a motor vehicle.
  • Drive while under the influence of any other substance which hinders one’s ability to operate a motor vehicle.
  • Have an alcohol concentration of 0.02 or more within two hours of operating a motor vehicle, if the person is under the age of twenty-one.

What if the other driver was under the influence, not you?

If you have gotten into a drunk driving accident and you were not the drunk driver, then here’s what you should do:

  • Call an ambulance. Even if no one appears injured, having a medical report on file will be helpful for all insurance companies involved, and will help in the future if any injuries onset later.
  • Move your vehicle. Make sure all vehicles are out of the way of traffic and turn on your hazard lights.
  • Contact the police. This is extremely important if the accident results in a minimum of $500 in damages to the vehicles, physical injuries, or death. After calling the Kentucky State Police, a trooper will come evaluate the accident and file a report.
  • Call our drunk driving accident attorneys in bowling Green. Since not all drunk driving accidents are handled peacefully, our lawyers will be able to help guide you through the legal process.

What do I have to do after the drunk driving accident? 

After the drunk driving accident, you will have to fill out an accident report. Make sure to write down all important information so you can fill in the report later, as well as give it to your car insurance company afterwards.

Important information to keep track of for the accident report is:

  • Driver’s license number and birthdate of all driver’s involved.
  • Name, address, and telephone number of all people involved in the drunk driving accident, including passengers.
  • Vehicle information for all cars involved, including make, model, year, registration, license plate number, and state where the vehicle is registered.
  • Damage and estimated repair costs for the vehicles.
  • Each driver’s contact information for their automobile insurance company.
  • Any other damage not on the vehicle.

If you were involved in a drunk driving accident, then our drunk driving lawyers in Bowling Green are here to help. Contact us for a case evaluation, and we’ll reach out with advice on what steps to take next.