We all know that drunk driving is a risky and dangerous act, but sometimes even the best of us get nabbed with a D.U.I charge. Gauging our blood alcohol level isn’t always an exact science, because it varies depending on our weight, how much food we’ve eaten, our tolerance, the time of day, and other factors. 


Sometimes people who genuinely don’t feel drunk get charged with a D.U.I because they had 2 beers at dinner. Perhaps they drank the night before and still had residual alcohol in their system, regardless of whether or not they felt it. These situations can seem unfair, and it’s a shame to have something like this hamper your driving record – let alone your entire life.


If you’ve been charged with a D.U.I in Westchester, New York, keep in mind that Darren DeUrso’s firm has been helping people get out of these situations for years. Don’t worry about facing unfair penalties. As long as you have Darren DeUrso on your side of the aisle, you can avoid legal consequences. Get in touch today. 


What’s the difference between a D.U.I, a D.W.I, and a D.W.A.I? 


  • A D.U.I, or “driving under the influence,” is a broad term for driving while under the influence of anything – whether it’s alcohol, marijuana, painkillers, or hard drugs. 
  • A D.W.I, or “driving while intoxicated,” is the same as a D.U.I, but it’s almost always specific to alcohol. You can be charged with a D.U.I if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is above 0.08%
  • A D.W.A.I, or “driving while ability impaired,” is when your BAC was under the limit, but the police officer has a logical reason to believe your driving was still affected. These are more common in collisions or accidents – especially when someone is injured. 




New York’s penalties for these offenses are the reason you’re going to want an attorney; 


For your first offense, a D.U.I involves a fine of $500-$1000 and a six-month suspension of your license. For a lot of us, paying that amount of money can be life-changing, and not having our car for six months straight is simply impossible if we need it for our work or to take care of our families. 


With repeated offenses, you can face jail time, community service, piles of fines, and the permanent loss of your license. 


To avoid this, contact Darren DeUrso, Attorney at Law, today. 


We can help get you back on the road, and more importantly, your life back to normal. 


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