Weber County, UT- If you are facing DUI charges in Utah, you’ve probably wondering: Can I get a plea bargain? Fortunately, you can get a plea bargain by agreeing to a wet reckless charge, which carries lighter penalties than a routine DUI charge. But before agreeing to a wet reckless charge, our team of attorneys thinks you need to know some of the pros and cons of the charge.

The majority of DUI cases and criminal cases in Utah are resolved through plea bargains. These bargains give an offender the chance to plead to a lesser charge. However, there is no guarantee a person will be offered a plea bargain, so USAttorneys urges you to retain a DUI lawyer in Utah to help you secure one.

In DUI cases, prosecutors can decide to offer wet reckless charges instead of a DUI, if an individual’s blood alcohol concentration is borderline, meaning they were just at the Utah ’s legal limit of 0.08 at the time of their arrests. Prosecutors will also look at whether a person caused a traffic accident or whether they have prior DUI charges on their record.

Another reason you may be eligible for a plea bargain of wet reckless is if breathalyzers used by local law enforcement are not in good working order. It is common for there to be issues with breathalyzers because they are not calibrated correctly or are not regularly maintained. A local DUI defense attorney will know if there are problems with the accuracy of breathalyzer tests in your area and will be able to use that knowledge in your defense.

Penalties for a wet reckless conviction in Utah are minimal with low-dollar fines and no jail time required. And there is no requirement your license be suspended, but there are some consequences. For one, your wet reckless charge will count as a DUI if you are charged with impaired driving within five years of your first charge. Your auto insurance rates will also skyrocket.

It is always wise to speak with a DUI lawyer in Utah before you make any decisions about your defense or agree to a plea bargain. USAttorneys can help you find an experienced lawyer who knows how to build an unassailable defense.

If you live in Weber or Davis Counties, we urge you to speak with one of the defense attorneys at the Richards, Brinley & Richards Law Group, PLLC. They will examine your case from all angles and determine of you will do better by agreeing to a plea bargain or launching a defense. Having an attorney will be beneficial to your case and significantly increase your chances of avoiding conviction or getting reduced penalties. Call their office today at 801-621-7443 and or reach them through their website let them get started on your case.