Frankfort, KY- If have are facing DUI charges, there are certain circumstances surrounding your arrest that could lead to aggravated charges. That means you could be facing longer jail terms, costlier fines and longer periods of license suspension, but many Kentuckians are unaware of what circumstances can lead to aggravated DUI charges. USAttorneys’ team of DUI lawyers in Kentucky will discuss the reasons you can be charged with an aggravated DUI and the potential consequences.

Under Kentucky’s DUI statutes, you can be charged with an aggravated DUI for the following reasons:

  • You were speeding 30 miles or more over the speed limit at the time of your arrest.
  • You drove the wrong way down on a limited access highway.
  • You caused an accident that resulted in a serious injury or death.
  • You were transporting a minor under the age of 12
  • You were driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.015 or more.
  • You refuse to agree to field sobriety tests.

If any of those circumstances were also a factor in your arrest, you face aggravated DUI charges and almost double the penalties. You can also expect the prosecution to be aggressive and push for the maximum penalties which include a minimum of four days in jail for a first offense with aggravating circumstances and 14 days for a second offense with aggravating circumstances.

Once you have been charged with a DUI with aggravating circumstances, you need to speak with a defense attorney near you. A conviction for an aggravated DUI will remain on your record for five years which will impact all aspects of your life; legal, financial, professional and personal. You need to do whatever it takes to avoid any DUI conviction but especially and aggravated DUI charge.

There are many effective defense strategies that an experienced attorney can employ in your defense, a plea bargain being the most common. In most cases you will be allowed to plead guilty to a wet reckless charge which carries only minimal penalties. It, however, is important to note that should have the misfortune of being charged with another DUI during the 5-year lookback period, your plea bargain will count as a DUI. Getting an aggravated DUI down to a wet reckless won’t be easy but it is within reach if you retain one of our talented DUI defense lawyers.

If you are facing a routine DUI charge of an aggravated DUI in Frankfort, USAttorneys recommends you contact the law offices of Logan, Burch & Fox through their website or call (502) 875-3884 and set up a case evaluation. The sooner you get legal help, the better chances you have of avoiding the consequences of conviction.

The attorneys at Logan, Burch & Fox have decades of experience which they will draw on to give you the strongest defense possible. You can count on their team to stand by through all stages of your case and do whatever they can to minimize the legal challenges you are facing.