Cleveland, OH –Are you facing an OVI/DUI charge in Cleveland? Is your OVI a routine offense or is it an aggravated OVI charge? You probably don’t know the difference between the two charges and the possible end-result of a conviction, but you need to know. That is why USAttorneys would like to explain some of the basics of an aggravated OVI charge in Ohio.

Ohio is among the many states that have penalty enhancements for drunken or impaired drivers who engage in additional risky behaviors or put other people in danger. Those behaviors are considered aggravating circumstances and can result in penalty enhancements. The reasons you can be charged with an aggravated OVI in Cleveland are:

  • Having a very high blood alcohol concentration.
  • Refusing to submit to a breathalyzer, chemical, blood or urine test.
  • Repeat OVI/DUI offenses
  • Speeding
  • Causing a traffic accident that involves death, injury or property damage
  • Impaired driving with a minor in the vehicle

If you were arrested for an aggravated OVI because of any of the circumstances above, your first move should be to contact an OVI defense lawyer near you in Cleveland. You need someone on your side who can help you minimize some of the legal troubles coming your way.

As you would expect, the penalties for an aggravated OVI/DUI in Cleveland are more severe than the penalties for a routine OVI. For instance, if your blood alcohol concentration was 0.017 percent or higher, many of the penalties for a simple OVI are doubled. So, if you are convicted of an aggravated OVI in Ohio, you face up to one year in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. You could also lose your license anywhere between 6 months and three years depending on circumstances of your arrest.

The above penalties just cover some of the legal aspects of your aggravated OVI charge, but the consequences often go beyond that and will affect many aspects of your personal life. Losing your license could make getting back and forth from work difficult. Having an aggravated OVI on your record will also make you unappealing to future employers.

Whether your OVI in Cleveland is a routine OVI or one involving aggravating circumstances, you will benefit from having the assistance of an OVI lawyer on your side. USAttorneys can help you locate an attorney to work on minimizing the penalties a drunken or drugged driving conviction entails. We urge to speak with one of our experienced legal team today and learn how you can resolve your case, so you get the best possible outcome. Call a DUI lawyer today and set get advice that could save you a lot of troubles ahead.