The State of Florida looks to punish DUI offenders harshly by imposing a number of penalties when they are convicted of the crime. These penalties are used to help deter an offender and others from engaging in the same or similar behavior. One of the common penalties a DUI offender is likely to face after being convicted of DUI is that they must attend and complete DUI school.

Who must complete DUI school?

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the following convictions require that an offender attend DUI school:

When an individual is convicted of DUI for the first time in Largo, FL, they must complete DUI school before hardship reinstatement, if they qualify for this, or at the time their revocation period ends. In order for an individual to have their driving privileges reinstated, they must show proof that they are either enrolled in DUI school or have completed it. If an offender is enrolled in DUI school during the time their license is reinstated, they must complete the course within 90 days after having their driving privileges restored. In the event an individual fails to complete the course within this timeframe, their license will be canceled.

  • Second conviction, if it is within five years from the first conviction, or third conviction, if it is within a ten year period.

After an individual has been convicted for the second or third time within the specified period listed above, they will be required to complete DUI school following the conviction.

If an individual who has been charged with DUI manslaughter wishes to receive a hardship reinstatement, given they qualify for this, they must complete DUI school before they receive it.

  • When alcohol, chemical, or controlled substances contributed to a reckless driving conviction.

When a driver has been convicted of reckless driving and the court has found that the use of alcohol, chemical, or controlled substances contributed to [the] violation,” the individual shall be required to complete DUI school given the court orders it.

Charged with DUI in Largo, FL? Need help understanding the charges?

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