The Colorado Department of Transportation estimates that approximately 26,000 people are arrested for DUI in Colorado each year. Most of the individuals are facing routine misdemeanor DUI charges, but some are facing felony offenses. Most people whether they are facing a charge of DWAI or a serious offense of DUI, want to know if they are going to be sentenced to jail. In reality, it all depends on the circumstances of your case and your blood alcohol concentration.

What Happens First?

If an Aurora police officer decides to arrest you for DUI, you will be taken to the nearest jail or drunk tank. You will be released once the bond is posted on your behalf.

Following are the addresses of jails in Aurora in case you are asked to bail someone out of jail:

Aurora Detention Center

14999 E Alameda Pkwy,

Aurora, CO 80012


Arapahoe County Detention Center

7375 S Potomac St.,

Centennial, CO 80112

The next hurdle you face is losing your driver’s license. That is an immediate consequence of being arrested for DWAI or DUI, but you can seek limited driving privileges.

How Serious is My DUI Charge?

Drunken driving charges in Aurora are treated differently depending on your level of intoxication. To get your blood alcohol concentration, an officer will give you a breathalyzer, chemical, or urine test. Whether you are charged with a DWAI or DUI depends on your blood alcohol concentration.

If your BAC is less than 0.08 percent, but you are impaired, you face a DWAI, driving while ability impaired. The prosecution does not need your BAC to secure an impaired driving conviction; they only need a police report or eyewitness testimony affirming that you exhibited signs of intoxication. A DWAI will be on your record, but the penalties won’t include jail.

If your BAC is more than 0.08 percent, you will be charged with DUI, driving under the influence. A conviction for DUI in Aurora will result in a one-year jail sentence, $1,000 in fines and license suspension for up to nine months.

For a BAC of 0.17 percent or higher you are considered a persistent offender and could receive additional jail time, fines, probationary periods and license suspension.

An arrest can go wrong, and a detainee may be subjected to police misconduct. Whether you are harmed through excessive force or were wrongfully arrested, contact one of our police brutality lawyers in Colorado.

When Can I Be Charged with a Felony DUI?

You can be charged with a felony DUI for:

A fourth offense

Vehicular assault

Vehicular homicide

New Law Makes Jail Mandatory for Felony DUI Convictions

A law enacted in 2017 made it mandatory for individuals convicted of felony DUI I to spend some time behind bars. Felony drunken drivers will be sentenced 90 days to 180 if a judge orders probation. If a DUI offender is given work release, they must serve a minimum of 120 days in jail up to two years. There are no suspended sentences for felony DUIs under Colorado’s new law. It also requires felony DUI offenders to serve 48 hours to 120 hours of community service.

Call a DUI Lawyer in Aurora Immediately

It doesn’t matter if you are facing a misdemeanor DUI or as felony DUI, you need someone on your side who knows how to build an effective defense. has a team of dedicated and trustworthy DUI lawyers in Aurora you can contact and arrange a time to discuss your case.