When a situation arises where you need professional counsel to represent you in a legal action in Daytona Beach Florida, you want to be prepared with the best possible legal representation you can access.  Attorney David B. Russell is a successful, assertive and thorough personal injury professional who has earned five star reviews.  He has been practicing for over 30 years in Daytona Beach Florida with a successful track record representing more than 2,000 cases in his personal injury practice, seeking damages for people injured in automobile accidents, accidents involving DUI, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and skillfully settling insurance disputes.

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If you are injured in the Daytona Beach area, you will want someone who is personally familiar with the state and county court systems, whether a case settles with an insurance company pretrial or is fully litigated in court.  After 30 years in practice in Daytona Beach, Attorney Russell has nurtured relationships with judges, regional attorneys, court administration, insurance agencies, professional medical personnel and potential case experts that support effective movement of a personal injury claim action through the judicial system.  His understanding of Florida law gives him the tools necessary to simplify all accident-related documentation, including pertinent accident reports, medical bills, financial statements, medical reporting for mental and physical losses, and loss calculations related to pain and suffering experienced by an accident victim.  When this information is presented in an abridged version hitting all crucial points that a court and jury can relate to, it is beneficial to the compensation awarded to an accident victim.

Taking pride in personalized service and fighting for fairness, justice and equality is the premise that Attorney Russell’s practice is based on.  A competent lawyer can recover damages in the best interests of their clients.  Florida is a pure comparative negligence state and requires that a victim establishes the other party acted in a negligent manner.  For this additional reason, you should retain an experienced personal injury lawyer like David B. Russell, who can advocate for you as the determination of fault is delivered through legal professionals who have reviewed police reports, witness reports, car damages, roadway marks and other factors present at the time of the accident.

Compensation for any loss sustained because of a car accident, due to partial or full negligence of another party, is in your reach to help address medical expenses, loss of wages, or other life-altering events that can negatively affect your livelihood, as well as wrongful death claims not covered by insurance companies. Contact an experienced Daytona Beach attorney by calling David B. Russell, who will work tirelessly to get you the best award for your injury.

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