There is certain things you should not do when driving. Having sex is one of them! Some people just watch too many movies, Gone in 60 Seconds could be one of these movies!

Palm Beach County Judge, Laura Johnson, just tossed a 33 year old man, father, and husband into prison for five years. This Loxahatchee man should have thought about the consequences of his actions before he chose to have sex while driving! This judge said this was “the most senseless, tragic acts” she has ever seen.

Not only was he having sex when driving, he was drunk too! They may go hand in hand! The person who was killed was his wife. He was having sex with her. Now some people may say at least she died and not some innocent person and that would have some merit to it.


Matthew Notebaert is in prison and now their two children do not have their parents around because their parents decided to act like juveniles during this drive in 2014. This mortal crash has split the families into two teams. You would think they would all agree that it was both of their faults.

Amanda, the wife, and her husband Matthew began drinking at a concert from a flask of Crown Royal. They illegally took this into the concert. So their criminal ways began before they got into the car. This March 8th, 2014 concert was for her coming back into town after being away and after having her second child.

“I miss her more than words can express,” Matthew Notebaert said while crying to the judge when on the stand. After the concert, they drove off around 12:30 am and were driving around 55 mph in a 30 mph area, they smoked through three red posted signs on an unpaved road and there was a warning of an approaching canal. He was driving like this with his wife in his lap. The SUV hit the back end of the canal with so much inertia, it went airborne for 30 ft when it came to a stop at the other side of the canal.

Amanda’s head hit the dashboard and the windshield. She died at the scene. Matthew’s BAC level was about double the legal limit of 0.08. He also had been smoking marijuana.

Very sad case. It is not the kid’s fault their parents destroyed their lives!

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Florida wants to Monitor First Time DUI Drivers

Alachua County has arrested about 2,200 DUI drivers in the previous two years, beginning in 2015. That seems like a steady income for the government based off of tickets and so on but people are not too happy with these numbers.

Florida Representative Cord Byrd plans on doing something about it. He seems to have read George Orwell’s 1984 one too many times. DUI drivers in Alachua County, big brother is coming to a place near you! Byrd wants to monitor these people, that being first time offenders.

His plan is to have first time DUI guilty perpetrators put in ignition interlock devices in their automobiles. This means they have to breath into this device before they can start up their car. This device will determine if they are suitable to drive or not. These devices are currently only for second DUI offenders but Byrd wants to expand this plan for first timers. This device costs about $50 to $100 a month to use which is certainly nothing to smile about for most DUI offenders.

Most offenders have to deal with these installed devices for about 6 months.

Mary Kelley, an official for MADD which Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, is all in for this new plan tossed up by Byrd. Some people, like Daniella Fragnito, do not really believe this plan will work since it does no go far enough. Well, it is better than nothing right? Fragnito believes this device can be outsmarted but this is better than not doing anything at all don’t you think? Her friend was a victim of a drunk driver.

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