For most people facing an OUI in Boston, the first question they have is: Am I going to jail? The fact is, you might. But whether you get a jail sentence or avoid one is determined by the specifics of your arrest such as how drunk you were at the time of your arrest, whether it was your first or a repeat offense or if an automobile wreck occurred.

Immediate Consequences of OUI in Massachusetts

Arrest is the immediate impact of an operating under the influence charge. That usually entails spending several hours in jail until you post bond. You may spend more if you are convicted, but with the right defense strategy, you won’t spend any more time behind bars.

If you are charged with OUI, you need someone to bail you out of jail after your arrest. Either a friend or family member can get you out, or an OUI lawyer in Boston can help. Following are some of the locations you might be taken to if you are arrested for drunken or drugged driving in Boston:

Suffolk County Jail

200 Nashua St.,

Boston, MA 02114


Suffolk County House of Correction

20 Bradston St.,

Boston, MA 02118

Jail Time and Other Penalties for OUI Conviction in Massachusetts

A conviction for OUI in Massachusetts can have repercussions for all aspects of your life including your personal and professional lives. While jail is not mandatory for most first offenders, some repeat offenders or impaired drivers who cause an injurious or deadly crash will spend some time behind bars. Below is an outline of the penalties if convicted according to Massachusetts OUI Statutes.

First Conviction:


Fines-Minimum $500 up to $5,000

License Suspension- 1 year

Alcohol Assessment- 45 to 90 days

Court Assigned Alcohol Education Program – 45 days to 90 days

Ignition Interlock- No

Second Conviction:

Jail- None

Fines-Minimum $600 to $10,000

License Suspension- Two Years

Alcohol Assessment- One Year

License Reinstatement-Must pass learner’s permit exam and road test

Ignition Interlock-Yes


Third Conviction:

Jail- None

Fines-Minimum $1,000 up to $15,000

License Suspension- Eight Years

Alcohol Assessment- Eight Years

License Reinstatement-Must pass learner’s permit exam and road test

Ignition Interlock-Yes


OUI With Minor in Vehicle:

Jail- None

Fines-Minimum $500 up to $5,000

Alcohol Assessment- One Year

The penalties outlined above are just the beginning, there are other consequences to an OUI in Boston. For one, you won’t be able to drive for an extended period, so you might find it difficult to get to work and back. If you are a delivery driver or must drive as part of your job, losing your license means you have no way to earn a living. If you need a professional license, you could be denied because of your OUI conviction.

Hire an OUI Lawyer in Massachusetts

An effective defense can help you avoid conviction and ensure you don’t spend any time behinds bars. When you need an OUI defense, will connect you with a devoted and knowledgeable defense lawyer near your Boston location. You can set up a free initial consultation and discuss how to fight your OUI.

Our team of lawyers will explain your charges honestly and suggest the best course of action you can take given the details of your arrest. Whether you are facing your first OUI, your second OUI or you caused an accident a defense attorney in Massachusetts can help.