In Toledo, you can be arrested and charged with an OVI if your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent or higher if you are over 21. An operating vehicle while impaired charge has a host of consequences that will have an instantaneous impact on your life.

Driver’s License Suspension and Appeal of ALS

On the roadside, when a police officer decides they are going to arrest you for impaired driving, they are also going to take your driver’s license. Spending the night or several hours in jail isn’t the only immediate punishment of a OVI in Toledo, you are also going to lose your driver’s license. The arresting officer can take your driver’s license on the spot, and you’ll receive a notice of Administrative License Suspension.

Your license will be suspended for at least 15 days, and after time you may be eligible for limited driving privileges.

You can appeal your driver’s license suspension with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. When you request an administrative hearing, a local prosecutor will act as an agent of the BMV. To have you ALS reversed you must prove the following:

An officer did not have probable cause to suspect you were OVI

An officer did not ask you to take a breath test

You were not informed of the consequences of refusing

You did not fail a sobriety test or did not refuse


Toledo Municipal Court

555 N Erie St.,

Toledo, OH 43604

Refusing a Breath Test in Toledo

It is against Ohio’s implied consent laws to refuse a breathalyzer or chemical test. If you refuse, your driver’s license will be suspended for the time listed below:

First Offense- One year

Second Offense- Two years

Third Offense-Three years

If you are convicted of an OVI your license will be suspended for the following periods:

First Offense- 90 days

Second Offense- One year

Third Offense- Two years


Getting Out of Jail

If an officer has determined you are impaired, they are also going to take you to a local jail, perhaps one of the locations listed below. You will be held until you post bail or a maximum of 48 hours for a warrantless arrest such as OVI, and 36 hours if a warrant was issued.

You can be released early if you have someone to bail you out. You can ask a friend or family member to bail you out or contact a criminal defense attorney to post bail on your behalf.


Lucas County Corrections Center

1622 Spielbusch Ave,

Toledo, OH 43604


Toledo Police Department

525 N Erie St.,

Toledo, OH 43604


Toledo Correctional Institute

2001 E Central Ave.,

Toledo, OH 43608


OVI Penalties for Conviction

You face numerous consequences if you are convicted of an OVI. In addition to the loss your driver’s license, you could be given a jail sentence and ordered to pay thousands in fines. There are also professional and personal repercussions.

If you are an immigrant, an OVI charge may adversely impact your immigration status. Contact an immigration lawyer in Ohio to see if your charges will change your status or result in an order of removal from ICE.

Your jail sentence depends on several factors including your blood alcohol concentration, prior offenses and whether you caused a fatal accident.

Possible Jail Terms and Fines for OVI Conviction in Toledo

First Offense

Jail- Three days up to six months

Fine-$375 to $1,075

Second Offense

Jail- 10 days up to six months

Fine- $525 to $1,625

Third Offense

Jail-30 days up to one year

Fine-$850 to $2,750

Your bail amount will be close to the amount of the fines associated with your OVI charges and any penalty enhancements. You will be informed of your bail amount. Your attorney or loved one can call the facility where you are being held to find out your bail amount.

Let USAttorneys recommends you speak to an OVI lawyer in Toledo, Ohio to help you get out of jail, help with your administrative hearing, and begin build your defense. We have a devoted team of top-notch attorneys in Ohio who can help you with your defense and do what it takes to stop your conviction. We recommend you contact a lawyer as soon as you learn your charges.