If you were hit by a drunk driver in Longview, TX and suffered any type of physical or psychological injury, you are likely looking for justice to be served. Individuals have a choice after consuming alcohol, they can either be responsible and have someone else get them to where they need to go, or they can get behind the wheel of their own vehicle and put the lives of those around them at risk. If someone hit you because they made the cognizant decision to drive drunk, it is understandable that you would like to see them receive consequences for their actions.

In the State of Texas, when a driver 21 years of age or older is caught operating their motor vehicle with a BAC (blood alcohol content) level of .08, they are in violation of the state’s DWI laws and is subject to the penalties for committing the crime. Now, something you do need to understand is that initially, if the officer who responded to the accident had the motorist submit to a field sobriety test which revealed he or she was above that legal limit, the driver shall only be charged with DWI among other offenses, but not convicted.

There is a difference between being charged for a crime and being convicted. When an individual has charges filed against them, they must prove they are innocent, and sometimes, they are able to successfully do this for one or more charges when they hire a TX DUI attorney. However, when you hire a drunk driving accident lawyer to defend you, they can aid you in proving that the driver was drunk and his or her negligent behavior is what led to the crash. If the prosecutor finds that individual is guilty, he or shall then be convicted and will be faced with the penalties the crime(s) carries with it.

What are the penalties for DUI/DWI in the State of Texas?

If someone causes a drunk driving accident that causes property damage, injuries to another, or death, the DUI charge in Texas will likely be enhanced. However, the consequences for DUI alone are as follows:

If it a driver’s first time being convicted of DWI, he or she shall be faced the following punishments:

  • A fine of up to $2,000.
  • Three days to 180 days in jail.
  • Loss of driving privileges for up to a year.
  • Annual fee of $1,000 or $2,000 for three years to retain driver license.

[Source: Texas Department of Transportation].

Did you know that for every 20 minutes that pass in the State of Texas, “someone is hurt or killed in a crash involving alcohol” [Source: Texas Department of Transportation]? When a driver makes the decision to operate their vehicle while intoxicated, they should be reprimanded accordingly, and an experienced drunk driving accident attorney in Longview, TX can help you do this. If you would like to discuss your incident with a DUI attorney who can help you obtain justice as well as compensation for your pain and suffering, contact Cooper Law Firm today.

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