Angel Nicole Oliver failed her field sobriety tests and recorded blood-alcohol levels of 0.228 and 0.236, three times over the legal limit in Florida, after she crashed into the back of another car. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured but what was really alarming was the fact that the woman was 6-months pregnant and also had a pair of twin children of 18 months in the car with her and had failed to properly restrain them.

According to Ocala police, officers reported that the car smelled of alcohol and there were beer containers lying around inside. The department of Children and Families has been notified and the father of the children has taken over custody of the kids.

Wrong way drunk-driving killer has been on the loose for 2 years

Christopher Ponce, who was apprehended and accused of hitting and killing William Angel, has been on the run for 2 years now. Ponce somehow managed to take off his ankle bracelet and jump out of town. William’s father, Wade, says he knew Ponce was going to escape and run, he claims he had even told the prosecuting DUI attorney to secure the perpetrators passport.

The victim’s parents spoke at the Mothers Against Drunk Driving walk at the University of South Florida. The walk was conducted to pay homage to the victims of wrong-way driving.

Ponce should be executed – he should never have received an opportunity such as this.

Florida man arrested for drunk driving, claims he wasn’t the driver

Raymond and Nancy Albinger were both occupants of a truck that crashed into a motorcyclist and caused the rider non-life threatening injuries. When officers arrived at the scene it was evident that Robert Albinger was inebriated while blood alcohol tests proved their suspicion to be true. Robert Albinger’s breathalyzer tests yielded results of 0.169 and 0.158 per cent blood alcohol levels, which according to Tampa FL DUI attorneys is twice the legal limit of 0.08 in the state.

Witnesses at the scene said that they saw a man get out of the truck and throw objects into the bushes after the crash. Police officers report that witnesses had said they saw the driver of the truck to be male. However, most of the witnesses had left the scene by the time officers had finished assisting the injured motorcyclist.

The one witness that bothered to stay pointed at Raymond Albinger and identified him as being the guy that got out of the truck and threw things into the bushes. A search of the surroundings resulted in the discovery of a cooler box with three unopened 12-ounce bottles of Miller high-life beers.

Nancy and Raymond Albinger maintain that Nancy was the one who was driving when the incident occurred.

Police reports also state that Raymond Albinger was making repeated requests to have a DUI attorney present but he continued to talk to the police anyway.

Florida Judge found on the wrong side of the law

Broward county circuit court judge, Cynthia Imperato, was arrested last year for a DUI. The Florida Judicial Qualification Commission has punished her with $5,000 fine, 20-day suspension without pay, alcohol treatment, and a public reprimand. The commission took into account that Imperato had tried to use her judge’s badge to impress the arresting officer and had refused to take a breathalyzer test. She was convicted of DUI back in 1988.