Bridget Cast was pulled over and taken into custody on a DWI charge. She had been involved in a wreck earlier on, and in the investigation the officers targeted her as a possible cause. She was handcuffed, but managed to maneuver the cuffs to the front of her body. Then, when she got the chance, to ran off and jumped in a parked cruiser and drove out of the area. She made it three miles before she was caught, according to The Eagle. The trooper at the scene quickly jumped into a Sheriff’s deputy’s car, and gave chase. The chase ended when the trooper fired on the vehicle Cast was driving and disabled it.

Because of her attempt to flee, Cast was hit with further charges, including evading arrest and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. These will go along with her prior charge of driving while intoxicated. The case is under investigation, as it’s not yet known how she managed to access the car. Where the car was hit by the trooper’s bullets has also not been disclosed.

Cast probably would have done better if she’d kept quiet and allowed herself to be taken into custody properly. At that point, she could have asked for legal representation to help with her defence. A quality attorney in Bryan, TX could have investigated her case and worked to have her charges reduces or thrown out altogether. The later charges will make those efforts much more difficult.

Summertime is when impaired driving really ramps up, and law enforcement all around the state are looking to crack down on the illegal behavior. This is the time of year filled with backyard barbecues, boating trips, sporting events, and other fun and exciting summer activities that often involve having a drink or two. Impairment can start at the first drink, so be careful. If it’s hot out, your body can get dehydrated, which will increase the effect of alcohol on your system as well. Even if you’re not at or above the legal limit, it can still impair your driving, or make you sleepy, which is just as dangerous. Statistics show that DWI charges increase over the later weeks of the summer, with police forces ramping up their efforts,and citizens trying to get their last bit of summer fun in before the fall.

Make sure if you’re out drinking that you have a plan to get home. That can be a designated driver, or keeping some money aside for a taxi or a ride-sharing program. There are many options for transportation, so there should be no reason for you to drink and drive. If somehow you make a mistake, or are accused of DWI in Bryan, then call a DWI lawyer right away to help fight your charges so that mistake or wrongful accusation doesn’t ruin your life. An attorney is someone who is on your side who has the knowledge and the smarts to help you win your case.