56 year old Susan Borders Howle has not yet been convicted of DUI, but her employers have already decided to terminate her from her position as the manager of the drug court lab since she has been arrested on suspicion of drunken driving.

Howle is from Key West and ran the urinalysis lab for the drug court program at the Monroe County Courthouse. She was fired on the 14th of November from her job the job she held since May of 2015, as reported by flkeysnews.com.

According to court documents, Howle had ploughed her BMW into an SUV which was parked in the courthouse parking lot whilst allegedly driving under the influence. The termination of her employment was confirmed by trial court administrator Holly Elomina who refrained from making any further comment apart from giving out the termination date itself.

The charges which Howle faces include DUI, DUI with property damage, and hit and run. All of her charges are technically misdemeanor offenses according to DUI lawyers in Fort Myers, FL and the best legal pro in the area is Michael M. Raheb. Michael M. Raheb knows how to win cases and he knows how to deal with insurance companies. He is a highly respected lawyer in this part of the state.

Susan Borders Howle is scheduled to appear before Judge Wayne Miller and has just cost herself a lot of money.

As per police reports, Howle struck the parked SUV and then supposedly attempted to drive away when she was forced to stop by bystanders who had witnessed the car accident and flagged her down. Law enforcement officers were then summoned to the scene and the arresting police officer has testified that Howle smelt of alcohol, and seemed to have poor motor skills and coordination. These are what investigation officers look for when they pull over a suspect, point out Florida DUI attorneys.


Prior to her arrest, Howle told officer Jesse Young that she was the manager of the drug court program and asked whether she was going to be taken to jail. Howle declined to be subjected to a breathalyzer test or any field sobriety tests, which can lead to automatic suspension of her driver’s license as per the state’s implied consent law, according to Fort Myers, FL DUI lawyers.

She was taken into custody at the jail in Stock Island and released on the same day without having to post any bond amount.

Woman Sentenced to Five Year Imprisonment for having Caused a Fatal DUI Accident

A young woman from South Florida will be sent to prison for five years for the fatal DUI car accident that she caused back in 2013 which claimed the lives of the two homeless men that she struck while operating her mother’s Porsche whilst being under the influence, as reported by mysuncoast.com.

Alyza Russell could not help but to break into tears as she walked up and occupied the witness stand as summoned. Russell said that after she had caused the car accident and realized that she had killed two men, she wanted to die too.

Her victims have been identified as Mackendy Jules and Samuel Martindale. They were standing in a parking lot in Fort Lauderdale chatting with friends when the Russell’s Porsche ripped through some bushes and ended up fatally striking them.

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